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Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor.

  • FDA approved wrist high blood pressure monitor
  • Extra large LCD display with quiet inflation technique
  • Memory shops 60 readings each, for 2 individuals, with average last 3 outcomes
  • Irregular heart beat and who indication
  • Deluxe carry case and 2 AAA battery consisted of

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor.

Question Question 1

Are These As Accurate As Upper-Arm Cuff Bp Monitors?

It is as accurate if it is utilized properly. The wrist monitors are really conscious motion (instead of arm monitors) so you need to be really still when testing. Likewise ensure you are testing on your left wrist, your palm out and your hand at heart level.

Question Question 2

Does This Have A Backlight To See In The Dark?

This does not have a backlight.

Question Question 3

We Have A 6-1/2 Inch Wrist Will This Product Work For United States?

Yes you should not be an issue with a smaller sized wrist it should work just great

Question Question 4

What Size Is The Cuff?

A buddy of mine selected it out and we purchased it for her.It works well however we do not know the size.

Question Question 5

Do They Make A Bt Made It Possible For Device? What Mobile App Can We Use To Track Blood Pressure?

Not exactly sure if they make a BT made it possible for device yet, however we use Heart Routine’s Instant Blood Pressure Buddy with the Slight Touch ST-501 It’s Uwe is easy to track and store all your data.It even provides you suggestions to lower your high blood pressure.

Question Question 6

Is This Backlit? Mine Functions, However Doesn T Light Up As Pictured. The Photo Is Much More Vibrant.?

Mine is not backlite.However, location it under some kind of light, light or whatever and no issue with reading.we were not happy in the beginning, then understood our life depends upon NOT having a second heart attack.Since then, needing to use secondary light for the reading did not trouble me.Enjoy your system every day and night.

Question Question 7

Does This Measure If You Are Having Irregular Heart Beats?

Yes. The heart icon will be various. There is an example in the handbook.

Question Question 8

How Much Is Slight Touch?

we paid $2299 prior to shipping and tax. Great item.

Question Question 9

Does It Feature A Case?

No, the one we got did not have a case however Dan, we returned that BP machine since the readings were so inaccurate.we took it to our doctor’s workplace and the Slight Touch determined the Sys at 213, when really it was 132.The nurse informed us that wrist recorders are frequently unreliable and that one undoubtedly was.

Question Question 10

Can We Purchase This Precise Color (Black) For This Product?

we are sure you can, however that was only color in stock at the time.

Question Question 11

Should You Measure With The Screen On Your Lower Arm Side Of The Wrist Or The Other Way? We Notification Our Outcomes Vary. Uncertain Which IsAccurate Thanks.?

we measure with the machine on the within our wrist at heart level

Question Question 12

Do You Know Of A Mobile App That You Like That We Can Use With This Bp Monitor To Log And Track Bp And Lifestyle Factors For Our Hypertension?

There are lot in the App Store if you’re an iPhone user, and we have attempted practically all of them. They all work the very same way – generally a digital version of a paper log, other than Heart Routine’s Instant Blood Pressure Buddy. Beautiful app with smart insights, material and the way they approximate our high blood pressure There are lot in the App Store if you’re an iPhone user, and we have attempted practically all of them. They all work the very same way – generally a digital version of a paper log, other than Heart Routine’s Instant Blood Pressure Buddy. Beautiful app with smart insights, material and the way they approximate our high blood pressure on most days.

Question Question 13

Is This Device Bt Made It Possible For? Can It Speak With Mobile Apps So That We Can Track Our Bp For Hypertension Management?

Attempt Instant Blood Pressure Buddy (made by Heart Routine) on iPhone and Apple Watch – it’s quite incredible and stunning. Simple to log and approximates your BP on days you do not take it.

Question Question 14

Is This Cuff Soft Or Have A Kind To It.?

It’s got a versatile piece that cuffs around half of your wrist. Then loop the Velcro through to snug it up.

Question Question 15

Can You Please Inform United States Where This Is Made?

It is made by Sejoy Electronic devices – Made in China.

Question Question 16

Is It Latex-Free?

Although the description does not discuss product we would state it is latex free. If you are able to have your pressure kept track of at your doctor workplace without problem, youwill have the ability to use this meter.

Question Question 17

Can The Time And Date Be Set On This Bp Cuff?

we have not done so however there is a location to set time and date.

Question Question 18

Size Of Cuff?

Can go for a wrist measure to 10 inches.

Question Question 19

We Had No Issues With The PreliminaryReading Nevertheless Now Everytime We Attempt It Begins To Pump Up, Stops And An Upward Arrow Appears?


Question Question 20

Does This Need To Be Adjusted?

we did the first reading in the house then went to the cardiologist and compared his outcomes and they resembled 1 point off, so in our case, no, it didnt need calibration. it matched our medical professionals readings

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had never ever read our own high blood pressure in the past, so we desired something easy to use. We checked out the evaluations and saw nurses and medical professionals advising this one, so chose to go for it. We checked out the guidelines and evaluated itout We have not had any problem with it at all. Our bp really tends to be on the low side. It was recommended that we get among these to monitor dysautonomia. It’s strange how has been lumping multiple models into the very same page of evaluations. So we feel we ought to point out that we are evaluating the slight touch fully automatic wrist digital high blood pressure cuff monitor st-501 it came with the monitor, a plastic case, manual, and even had the 2 aaa batteries consisted of.

This high blood pressure monitor is really compact and easy to use. Given that there are only a few buttons on it, it’s relatively instinctive and you can get going right now after getting theproduct Best of all, it comes with batteries and a small container to hold it. We have been a bit mindful of our high blood pressure, so this has been incredibly helpful as it’s so portable that we can take it with us to work, etc, and all we need to do is strike a button and it’ll begin. The wrap does not get too tight and it’s comfy on the arm. We have utilized the product for a number of months now and have had no major concerns. Nevertheless, comparable to all of these wrist high blood pressure readers, the readings at some point differ from one test to another. We have had it examined with our doctor and while the readings are typically relatively comparable, in some cases you’ll get erratic readings that are way too expensive or way too low. The best way to battle that is to follow the guidelines and to ensure you use your left arm. Another tip is to prop it up so it’s at heart level, which will guarantee a more accurate reading.

Our doctor recommended that we begin monitoring our high blood pressure regularly. We obtained a machine with an arm cuff to attempt out and was not pleased. It was cumbersome and the airline company was always in the way. When we began wanting to buy our own, we identified that a wrist cuff was the way to go. We chose the st-501 after taking a look at a number of devices. We like that we do not need to deal with multiple pieces. The guidelines are easy to check out and follow. Establishing the machine fasted, and we were taking readings within 10- fifteen minutes. We like the large display and that it shops many readings. It makes it so easy to track our high blood pressure outcomes. We are happy with our purchase and highly suggest it.

We purchased this for our 83 years of age mama who can’ t relocation effectively and always cold. Her bp has been either too expensive or too low and we need to examine her bp 3 times a day while her doctor deals with the medication dosage:1) with this, she does not need to get her arm pulled out of her sweatshirt – which was a huge inconvenience for her with the arm monitor. 2) we can examine her bp while she remains in bed or being in her reclining chair (she can’ t sit upright in a chair). 3) the bp reading has corresponded. We have not compared it with the doctor’s however we are positive that it’s accurate considering that it corresponds with our normal readings too. We are really happy with this product.

Our other half and we have really various b/p levels and pulse rates. This little wrist cuff really properly pegged his (near to certifying as high b/p) and mine (on the low end of normal). It’s really easy to use and considering that it does an outstanding task, we’ll be using it frequently to monitor his and sometimes for mine. We see where other customers have slammed it for offering variable readings. It’s normal for readings to have some variation – specifically if an individual isn’t mindful to make sure their arm is fully unwinded for a few seconds prior to taking a reading. Highly suggest this cuff if you wish to monitor your own b/p.

We have utilized this for a few days now after medical professionals advice to track our bp. We like how compact it is, and easy to use. You put in the batteries and press a button and it begins right up. Its small sufficient to travel with us and its quick to offer a reading. Up until now it appears really accurate likewise. Highly suggest for somebody who requires to know their bp fast and easy.

We like it however truthfully we do not know why it’s off by 20 points. Do we need to take this to the doctor to recalibrate? why can’ t it do that automatically? it’s a little bit of an unusual circumstance since we do not like the cuff for this reason why we got this and while this is simpler to use it’s not completely accurate. Or a minimum of we think it’s not. We use a cuff to compare however already we are so tense our bp increases and it beats the function since we dislike to use the cuff.

We waited and utilized this product for some time prior to publishing our evaluation. This wrist bp cuff works great and is accurate when compared with our nurse and doctor arm bp cuff (within +/- 2. Reading). It is exceptional, if you take multiple readings, it keeps in mind the first reading and subsequent readings and shows the average along with all the kept previous readings. It likewise supports 2 users and is easy to use, although the guidelines are rather brief and not detailed if you have never ever utilized a bp cuff prior to. The seller and the producer are both to be applauded.

The slight touch wrist digital high blood pressure device is an extremely practical way to take bp readings. We keep much better track of mine with this device. It is so easy to use, and small. We just reach in our desk drawer and get it. No cables or large meter. Put it on, and sit still with arm resting on our chest (per guidelines) wait for it to complete, and there’s our reading. The reading are as accurate as any home device, and offer you an easy way of keeping track. We have been using this device for about 6 months with no troubles.

We got this for our mama since her doctor recommended she keep better system of her high blood pressure after she needed to be placed on a second medication for her high blood pressure. Regrettably, each time she utilized a cuff, in the house or at the medical professionals, it bruised her arm terribly. While taking her high blood pressure she would be close to tears since of the pain. And since she understood she will be in pain her high blood pressure rose evenmore She likes this wrist cuff. She no longer gets hurt and no longer fears getting her high blood pressure taken. It is really accurate as long as you follow the instructions. Your wrist requires to be above your heart. She crosses her wrist over her chest just above her heart. She is really grateful and so am i.

Just got our new digital high blood pressure cuff monitor, attempted it a number of times. It comes well crammed in a cardboard box and has a white plastic travel box. The guidelines are easy to follow and well discussed. The readings appear accurate, and it does its task as assured. For the rate paid, we would state it is precisely what we were lookingfor Up until now, we are happy with it.

Functions effectively with a good degree of accuracy. We have evaluated it versus another machine and it is normally within range. We are really pleased with this portable machine. It is likewise really durable. We understand this since we inadvertently dropped it on the tile flooring and we had the ability to put it together and it works just great.

Acquired when caring for aging moms and dad in the house. Easy to use on wrist for elderly or handicapped. Just recently started bp medications ourself and took this to our doctor’s workplace to compare readings. This little system offered the specific very same readings as the arm cuff utilized in the workplace. Extremely pleased – no need to choose a greater priced product.

Our doctor discussed that he may want us to begin inspecting our high blood pressure daily so we went to to look for a meter. We understood we desired digital and easy to use which brought us to this one. We were somewhat anxious that our wrist would be too large as it was somewhat north of the size discussed however it has fit and gets the job done effectively. Well worth every cent.

Up until now it appears to be working effectively. We have not had an opportunity to examine its accuracy versus an arm cuff however we have examined the accuracy of the pulse monitor and it is really accurate, that has not differed more than one beat per minute compared to inspecting it ourself with a watch. If the bp turns out to be relatively accurate and constant then it will be quite worth the rate. It is exceptionally easy to use and really quick.

We have been really happy with this purchase. We use it on clients when their arms are just too large for a manual cuff or if they have contraindications for have bp taken in their arm. We have compared our worths taken by hand with the ones taken with this cuff and they compare effectively.

We like this bp monitor. It gets the job done it is expected to. We want it was a little faster however this is only since we had one previous to this that offered us our pressure in 15 seconds. Nevertheless, they do not make it any longer. Our company believe this one does 30 seconds. It only looks like a very long time however it works completely for what you need it for and is always accurate.

Utilized in home health setting for customers who can t endure arm cuff. Regularly accurate when utilized properly. Keep wrist at chest level and there s no concerns. Easy to check out and easy to clean. This is our 2nd purchase of the very same design. (we lost the battery cover on our first one and was tired of taping in the batteries.) we suggest this brand/model for any patient that requires to self monitor high blood pressure and/ or heart rate.

Easy to use, not pricey, accurate, quick. The brand we got first and the omron were really conscious motion, consisting of talking, moving head, and you needed to sit straight with your arm on a table. This you can recline in chair, take it in bed, whatever. Like the little case.

Just purchased it to bring on air and journey per our cardiologist (+ eletro-physiologist’s counsel), we have arrhythmia & slow heart rate + hypertension). We just returned from an air journey and it worked properly, was easy to use, just follow the instructions about where to put your hand, the readings for us corresponded. It is not indicated to change your doctor, however it offers info so you can act if required specifically while away from home.

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