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SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor | Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio

SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor | Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor|Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio.

  • ECG PERSONAL MONITOR: Fingertip touch meter for monitoring important or heartbeat abnormalities
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Wirelessly synchronizes heart health information to your iPhone or Android gadgets
  • ARRHYTHMIA DETECTION: EKGraph sensing units spot important indication more properly than other heart monitors
  • BRIGHT LCD SCREEN: Clear display programs BPM, heart rate, and EKG wave pattern without a smart device
  • UNLIMITED FREE STORAGE: SonoHealth mobile app monitors and shops unlimited EKGs for you and your doctor

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We were a kardiamobile user, nevertheless when our free trial ended, we were triggered to pay $10 each month to continue using the gadgets main functions. Rather of paying another $120/ year, we looked for another device, and discovered the ekgraph from sonohealth. Orgboth device are good. (if you don t mind the extra regular monthly payments) however here are some of the reasons that we like our ekgraphuse as standalone device– the ekgraph has a lcd screen that shows an instant ekg outcome after a recording. If it ll program -no irregularities- we won t even trouble taking out our phone unless we are sensation off. When going for stroll or trek we just take the ekgraph. Our recordings are saved money on the device and we can later on sync to our phone and see our recordings. You must have your phone with kardia to record an ekg. No regular monthly costs. Ever– this is most significant reason we purchased ekgraph. Buy it when and for life. Definitely no costs or memberships. Sonohealth app is simple to use and instinctive. Takes 1 click to email or print ekg reports. Another thing is that you can alter your recording length to 10, 15 or 30 seconds. 30 seconds offers you a more steady outcome, however if we need a quick test, 10 seconds fasts and easy. Multiple leads– ekgraph has sensor that are positioned in a manner that enables you to record more than just a hand-to-hand ekg (lead i). In addition to hand to hand ekgraph enables you to do a chest lead (lead v), and a foot lead (lead ii, iii). Having multiple leads enables you to see a wider image of your heart activity. Kardia mobile can only record a finger to finger lead. Usa business– sonohealth is a business out of south carolina. Although there are numerous gadgets that appear like the ekgraph, sonohealth is the only business that is really in the us. Every dollar that is invested in their products remains in the us, and is utilized to support regional organisations. The rest foreign/chinese business take all the cash back to boost their foreign economies. 2 year warranty– sonohealth uses a 2 year no questions asked warranty on the ekgraph. If the device breaks, they will send you a replacement free of charge. Our company believe kardia does this too if you pay the $10 regular monthly charge, however once again we don t wish to pay any costs after we buy the device. Support– didn’t need it much however you ve got incredible support from the sonohealth support group, and their user communitythe only thing that sonohealth can improve is that the ekgraph won t straight inform you if you re in afib or not. It will reveal possible arrhythmia as an outcome. Nevertheless afib is among the most typical arrhythmias so that s good we think. Other than that the ekgraph offers with 12 possible ekg outcomes consisting of particular outcomes like pvcs (early ventricular contractions) and more.

We like this device. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket and has a bright easy to check out screen. Why then did we begin the return procedure? well in the beginning we believed it was faulty. We charged it for a few hours and then attempted to use it. Didnt work. Kept switching off. Annoyed, we wished to toss it back to the producer. Chosen to let it charge over night. Btw battery showed full charge after only about an hour. Then we attempted once again didnt work. Eliminated charger lead then, and it worked. Combining took a couple attempts and does not work if the charger is linked. Anyhow, it works great now however a few simple directions would have assisted. There are essentially none out of package. We have chosen to keep it due to its simpleness of use( when established) and no regular monthly charges. We do not think you can fail with this when you got it going. Highly recommended.

We are really amazed with the sonohealth portable ekg. We took two times a day readings the week of a doctor’s consultation and printed them out to reveal our doctor. They stated that the readings matched the ekg readings they took throughout the consultation.

Our partner has pvc so we bought sonohealth and it works great. It was easy to establish and the ekg readings seem accurate. You are able to print out your ekg’s and you can likewise email them straight to your doctor. We like the truth that there is no regular monthly charge to use it like among the rivals. We would highly suggest sonohealth.

This is a fantastic product; absolutely nothing however good ideas to state about it; it offers our relative and we both comfort to have this readily available for an instant ekg, and, unlike the other product, this shows your outcomes without needing to have a bluetooth to your phone to see anything. We have no remorses, full marks only.

We are really amazed with thisproduct It s sooo simple to establish and use. We just followed the steps on package and when downloading the app to our phone. It took minutes and no complex long-winded user manual to dealwith It takes a minute to get the ideal grip so the ekg can read properly without the extra sound however turns green when that starts so you can be confidant in how you re holding the device. It s easy to synch with your phone through the app to conserve the ekg s after you re done. We like that the app doesn t have any extra costs, and that although it does an extremely simple one lead ekg we can have a concept of what s going on with a device that can fit in our pocket.

We had utilized omuron hcg-801 for nearly 10 years. Given that it was lastly broken, we attempted to look for replacement and discovered the sonohealth ekgraph ek10 We instantly bought it through and got it in 2 days. It took us 5 minuets to find out how to use it. Performance is beyond think. It is a compact size for us to carry in our pocket, integrated in re-chargeable battery, iphone use with bluetooth, and ekg chart is really accurate with even better diagnostic lists than that of omron hcg-801 It is the amazing product that we have ever bought with such a low rate ($119).

This device works precisely as explained. We found it really easy to establish and use. Set the app up on our phone and had the ability to download our tracings with no issue. We like the truth that is has it’s own screen and you do not need to sync it up with your phone just to record a tracing like with the kardia mobile. This is a much superior product for just a little more cash. We are heart care registered nurse so we can highly suggest thisproduct It appears really accurate, using 3 various leads depending upon where you hold it on your body. Palm, wrist or ankle. This is likewise better than the kardia mobile as it only uses one lead that we understand of.

Our company believe its accuracy is good however we cant test it versus anything. It truly appears to work. Offers us comfort.

We bought the sonohealth ekg monitor in february, 2020 and it came with a good 38 page pamphlet with great directions. When we at first attempted it, there was a great deal of artifact and we considered returning it. However then we check out that you need to use “alcohol, saline, or conductivity gel” to offer better accuracy. We used a little saliva to our fingers, hands, and chest to increase conductivity, and the artifact vanished and we had the ability to get really good tracings. We downloaded the mobile app to our iphone and had difficulty linking in the beginning. In addition, the time and date was incorrecct. After attempting for a while, we erased the app and re-installed it, then it worked fine. We utilized the enclosed minusb to usb cable television to link to our home computer and downloaded the desktop software and that ultimately worked well likewise. So, after some preliminary battles, we are really happy with theproduct It appears to be an exceptional alternative to the kadian device which needs a $10/ month charge after the first free month. Plus, you can not only get lead we tracings, however you can get a chest lead (v lead) and lead ii. The secret for us was using a little saliva to improve conductivity. That made all the distinction worldwide. We are retired doctor.

Our relative was identified with at-fib just 2 months back. She was recommended the treatment and your device was shown to be quite beneficial to control the heart rithm throughout follow up. Her cardiologist mored than happy to have extra information next to the ekg he currently has. Now, we can control her ekg in your home anywhere she feels fits of palpitation or any other uncommon occasions. Extremely practical. Thank you quite.

Been having a heart arrhythmia for some time and getting under control however our cardiologist asked if we had an apple watch or to buy a portable little monitor. Well found this and it works great. When we feel our palpitations we use this and it detects it properly as we understand what we are having which is apcs. And being a nurse we can take a look at the reading and have a concept of rhythm. We still am having a difficult time figuring out the palm way of holding it does not appear to get easy. We use the chest positioning along with the forefinger positioning. Have not figured out the wrist one either to be consistent. Up until now so good. We did not buy the protection plan since was uncertain if going to keep and now keeping however can t buy the protection plan. We got burned one time not getting cash back on a protection intend on something else prior to so be reluctant on doing it once again. So now we can t on this which is a pity. Anyhow works great so far. Gotten it in fun time. Modify to this. The app download having concerns, won t sign us in. Worked great for a week and now concerns. Printed out rhythm strips and had the ability to sync and now won t check in. Gotten in touch with business will see ???? iphone app.

The product is easy to use however the software has a few peculiarities. For individuals whose resting heart rate is generally below 60 bpm it continuously offers a bradycardia warning. It must be an easy repair for sonohealth however up until now we have not seen any updates. Directions are doing not have however it’s as simple as “turn on and use”.

We can not state enough great aspects of thisproduct We have had episodes of tachycardia and atrial fibrillation in the past and this device is amazing for having the ability to record these on ekg, synchronizes to our phone and enables us to create and send out a report to our doctor as required. For those of you that might have paroxysmal heart episodes you might recognize with the disappointment of attempting to captured these on a 24 hr holter monitor etc. See pictures for reference to what the apps and reports appear like. The size and weight is likewise great. We went to a performance that didn’t permit bags and had the ability to fit the device in our clutch wallet. For the leads, we found that the very best and most accurate website (utilized for the checks out in the image) is the chest (2 inches below the left nipple). We were not able to get the palm websites to work and have not attempted the arm or leg yet since the chest was so accurate. The bpm matches our fitbit hr checks out etc too so its all constant. The device does not come with a case, so we wound up buying the travel case for it, which is a bit costly (29 00) for the case however we think its worth it since the slots are completely created for the charger and device. We wish to keep this young puppy in good shape.

We just got the sono health portable ekg device. It is incredible. It s really easy to establish and use. We hesitated that we had something heart going on, however it has relieved our mind without us needing to make a special journey to our doctor. We enter one month and will send her the copy of it prior to we go and then get one at her workplace to compare. We operated in ekg for 7 years and we are amazed with what it can do. We likewise did one on a good friend that has atrial fibrillation and it selected it up instantly. We would absolutely suggest thisproduct Others you need to pay a month-to-month charge to use, however this one has a free app and downloads your ekg s to your phone. Then you can send them to your dr. Attempt it, you ll love it. Debby.

We purchased this product with preliminary idea that it was gon na be cumbersome and larger than the image. Absolutely opposite. It can fit completely in our bag and is light as a plume. Extremely discreet. It likewise was super easy to use. We don t checked out directions unless we definitely need to and for this we just figured it out quickly. Good for individuals who might not be tech savvy. Well worth the rate to have this on you when you might need it.

We definitely like the sonohealth ekg. We have had 4 open heart surgical treatments and now have a mechanical aortic valve with graft. We have had concerns with pvc’s and svt given that our last surgical treatment 3 years back, and have had 3 ablations to attempt to remedy the paths. We have typically needed to turn to going to the er or schedule a visit whenever we had doubts about our arhythmmias. With the sonohealth ekg, we have had the ability to complete the ekg rapidly in your home and send it straight to our doctor. He has the ability to examine the readout and inform us if the er is essential or if we just need to change our medication. This device has offered us comfort when we are believing the worst, and it has conserved our numerous hours at the er or medical professionals workplace just attempting to figure out what, if anything, is wrong. We would suggest this device to anybody that has arrythmmias or just requires comfort when it concerns their heart rhythm. The device and app are easy to establish and only takes in between 10 and thiry seconds to complete the ekg depending upon what you are attempting to communicate to your doctor. If you are reading this evaluation, you have most likely currently done your research on multiple other gadgets. Our idea: buy this one.

We were having arrythmias associated with medical treatment – this little (truly, little.) device selected it up as it was taking place, along with the high heart rate that went along with it. Given that this treatment has ended, the device regularly reveals a normal ekg with a heart rate in the 70’s or low 80’s. We would state it’s accurate. There was no set-up, no knowing curve. It is small, easy to use right out of package (we find the finger to chest position the most steady, however the others likewise work), and just plain assuring – yes, something was going on, and no, it isn’t taking place now. And we can check anytime, and have the response in 30 seconds. Easier than taking high blood pressure. Rather classy little machine.

Easy to use and extremely accurate, worked great for our cousin.

We purchased this product since we have been experiencing atrial fibrillation. We are retired vital care nurse, so we can check out ekgs. This device does a 30- 2nd tracing, and the app has unlimited storage, both of which are wonderful functions. You can likewise include notes to any of the tracings, such as what activity your were doing or how your felt when you examined your rhythm. Nevertheless, it has yet to recognize any of our tracings as atrial fibrillation. Still, this device is a lot easier to use than another home ekg monitor that is commonly promoted, and we are delighted we purchased it.

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