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SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Irregular Heart Beat Detection
  • 99 Memories
  • Low Battery Sign
  • Jumbo LCD Display
  • Automatic Shut Down

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

Question Question 1

Does It Feature A/c Adapter?

It is battery operated and comes with 2 batteries consisted of. Thank you.

Question Question 2

Does This Need To Be Calibrated For Accuracy.?

If it’s for personal use, there’s no need for calibrations. Nevertheless, we would suggest purchasing a different high blood pressure cuff if you’re going to use it on multiple individuals.

Question Question 3

Does This Deal With The Right Wrist?

It deals with either wrist, though we ultimately purchased a better design with more bells and whistles.

Question Question 4

Does This Featured A Case?

No there isn’t a case although it does have a box.

Question Question 5

How Do You Clear Memory?

we think eliminating the batteries does that

Question Question 6

Does It Deal With Small Wrists?

we do not learn about small wrists mine are large, however we never ever might get the cuff to work. we altered batteries, had others in our family shot and never ever might get a reading.

Question Question 7

Will This Fit For Larger Wrist Individual? We Want To Know The Wrist Size?

we have a fairly large wrist for a female. we generally need an extender for any bracelet and it fits quickly. Hope that helps.

Question Question 8

Some Time This Shows 1Rr, 2Rr & 3Rr Rather Of Blood PressureReadings What Each Way.?

The end of systole (R?+? RR/3) was recognized as an optimal trigger time point which produced recognizable ECG complexes and significant cardioourocyte injury however very little heart practical interruption throughout treatment. This is all the information we might find on the topic. we think it implies your high blood pressure may be hi The end of systole (R?+? RR/3) was recognized as an optimal trigger time point which produced recognizable ECG complexes and significant cardioourocyte injury however very little heart practical interruption throughout treatment. This is all the information we might find on the topic. we think it implies your high blood pressure might be high. Hope it helps you. Please get inspected by a doctor?

Question Question 9

Does This Monitor Feature Some Type Of Carrying Case?

No case. It would be great if it did.

Question Question 10

The Sure Life Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Will Not Power On?

Sorry, mine worked no issue.All we might recommend is to inspect that the batteries are put in the proper way, not in the reversed positions.Hope it winds up working for you.

Question Question 11

What Is The Best Way To Adjust This Device For Accuracy? What Is The Range Of Accuracy? Exists A Mobile App Offered To Deal With This Device?

our company believe you do not need to adjust. our mother use that without any calibration or accuracy (she is a nurse), she didn’t grumble about the machine.About the mobile app we do not know

Question Question 12

Our Monitor Is Revealing Lead To 8.8 And The Ink Looks Faded. Its Unclear Any longer. Can It Be Reset Or Time For A New One?

we purchased two, the first device does not work, the 2nd works outstandingly.

Question Question 13

Do You Offer A Hard Case To Fit This Product?

we acquired among these recently.No, it does not come with a hard case, however it’s a good BP monitor for the rate.

Question Question 14

How Do We Reset The Time?

Don’ t know could not figure that out ourself

Question Question 15

How Can We Clean The Screen? Due to the fact that As We Eliminated The Plastic It Has A Type of Glue, And It Altered To Opaque.???

3M makes a adhesive eliminator that does not harm plastic.

Question Question 16

Is Battery Consisted Of?

Dear Customer This product includes battery inside the Product plan. Thank you Dear Customer This product includes battery inside the Product plan. Thank you Diabetic

Question Question 17

That City Sent The Product?


Question Question 18

How Small Wrist It Will Fit?

Sorry about responding to so late.It quickly fits mine & our hubby’s wrists which are like a 6-6 1/2 inch.

Question Question 19

How Long One Bettery Set Stay Long?

The battery life isn’t a concern. The truth that it pumps up on a regular basis due to the absence of a protective covering certainly reduces the life of our batteries. Fact is, we DO NOT suggest this cuff at all. Unless for personal, in home use. You get what you pay for, not really accurate.

Question Question 20

Does It Have Irregular Heart Beat?

The book with it states it finds irregular heart beat. we have not utilized it much to face that

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like this lightweight bp monitor, it is within 7-10 points of our manuel bp in your home. So our company believe it provide a good accurate account of what your high blood pressure is at that minute. We use this at our work and our clients like it better because much easier and quicker, and does not squeeze so hard however get the very same high blood pressure. We brought this for around $17, at this rate is a good buy, and we hope this continues to work, the last wrist bp cuff we brought quick working and ended up being extremely incorrect naturally it was a various brand. We will upgrade you if this is still going proficient at a later date. A carrying case would be a 5 star, as it enters our nurse’s bag and get unintentionally switched on.

Have not had any problems up until now- it took a while to get it figured out to measure regularly. It had some seriously frightening readings for a bit, we need to have a pillow offered to measure it at our desk/ table due to the fact that setting your arm any lower than your heart will develop some odd readings (we intend for shoulder level and then unwind). Cool function that it tapes a number of previous readings and notes your present pulse. Only took a star off due to the fact that it was rather bothersome to not have the ability to use it in a normal unwinded position, however the instructions do caution you of what positions are perfect so it’s doing what it markets.

We work as an rn nurse so having a reliable high blood pressure monitor to use with our clients is a must. This high blood pressure monitor is really easy to check out thanks to the large digital numbers and carries out rapidly with an accurate reading. We likewise like that it has a quite simple user interface making it really easy to use which is great due to the fact that our hubby can likewise use it to inspect his high blood pressure with ease. In general we are really happy with this high blood pressure monitor and would highly suggest it if you are looking for a reliable high blood pressure monitor that works great.

This is the very best device we have ever had for hassle-free, quick and accurate monitoring of bp. We keep this medical device on our nightstand and take a reading when we rise (when it’s high due to dehydration and sleep apnea throughout sleep), then prior to lunch and an hour after supper or after returning from the health club. We likewise use it after we binge drink to identify how hazardous the alcohol had been as our bp always increases the early morning after. Now we have had the ability to see patterns that we would never ever have understood prior to using this gizmo a number of times daily. Extremely pleased certainly.

We were looking for something smaller sized to leave in our work locker because we need to monitor our high blood pressure and this is perfect. We have a bigger one we keep at home however this is perfect for not needing to carry the larger on. Only thing that is a little bothersome is the beeping sound when it is measuring however we can offer with that it seems really accurate.

This is the 3rd high blood pressure monitor we have had. Our first one was for the arm and broke. The 2nd one was for the wrist and was extremely incorrect, frequently triggering us to question if we will have a stroke or to pass out from high blood pressure that was way too low. Nevertheless, this surelife high blood pressure monitor is exceptional and when compared to our doctor’s machine is practically precise whenever. We would suggest the surelife 860211 high blood pressure monitor to anybody who requires an accurate monitor that is likewise small sufficient to bring with you anywhere if required.

Had purchased this believing it wasn’t a danger tester however enjoyed when it came and recognize it was our error and we didn’t check out the include properly. It’s small and compact and gers the jon done quite well. Easy to carry around too and easy to use. It even shops more than one pass test done on it. We woulf suggest this product to others. The shipping was fast too.

We truly purchased this for our mom. We are nurse and she has been worried about her medication triggering her b/p to rise. We were looking for something easy to use that wasn’t so complicating. This item appeared to be it. She had the ability to use it and run it. Now she can track her b/p on her own. It’s simple to use and at this moment she hasn’t reported any issues about it to me. We would suggest this product to be acquired.

1) it’s a bit loud when pumping up the wrist band. However absolutely nothing excruciating. Just make certain to enter into a personal space if in your workplace. 2) since june 5th the product listing info points out that it utilizes aa batteries. This is inaccurate. It utilizes 2 aaa batteries3) since june 5th the product listing info states that no batteries are provided. This is inaccurate. It comes pre-packed with 2 aaa batteries. Got it today and utilized it as soon as. Will upgrade on quality, battery life etc after a few weeks when we use it more.

Surelife high blood pressure monitor work extremely well. When we were going to buy a wrist high blood pressure monitor ourfather informed us not to buy surelife brand due to the fact that he felt if it was cheapin rate then the monitor would be no good. Well we utilized our judgement and offered it a shot and bought it up. We are not disappointingat all the monitor is really accurate, great and portable and a great rate. We would certainly suggest surelife high blood pressure monitor.

Ranked these 5 star due to the fact that they work great, provide accurate reading compared to an arm cuff and there were a great rate. We operate in a workplace where we use 7 of these multiple times each day. Still running well and no problems after a number of months.

Love this device. It’s a lot simpler and more hassle-free than the traditional arm cuff and it’s easy to do yourself vs requiring a 2nd individual to help put the cuff on. We just move it on in the early morning and it takes about 30 seconds. If you follow the simple instructions you must have no issues.

Unsure of accuracy as we do not have anything to compare itwith However, it serves its function.

The blood pressure monitor appears to work rather well, however does not appear to be constant. The cuff reveals we have high bp, however our dr. States not so? we purchased it to constantly inspect our heart rate as our cardiologist states our heart rate is around 40, for the previous 4 months. The cuff reveals a rate from 51 – 60, which is okay. So at this time we may buy another to see if this one is accurate?.

Bought it for work like it works whenever really accurate really easy to use.

Great way to watch on ones high blood pressure. Examine it in your home everyday if one desires. No more “white coat hypertension”. Functions great and is property.

This is a great high blood pressure monitor. It is really easy to work and is really accurate. We had it inspected versus our dr’s workplace and it was accurate. We like that it shops many readings. We can just take it to our dr for him to take a look at so he can see the readings in between visits. We would suggest it to anybody.

We purchased this for our ill mom to keep a track of her vitals. The rate was great and the product works great.

Functions quite well as long as you follow the instructions. Small enough that it’s portable and super easy to use. Keeps great deals of information for our doctor to take a look at when we enter.

Bought this to carry in our recreational vehicle. We inspected it versus a genuine monitor our nurse other half brings. It was within 1 pswe consistently. Qualityproduct You need to follow the instructions and keep you arm heart high.

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