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Tagobee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Waterproof Activity Tracker

Tagobee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Waterproof Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tagobee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Waterproof Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Activity Tracker & GPS Link ‘Automatically track your exercise information all-day, such as steps, range took a trip, calories burned and period time.Turn on the GPS of your smart device and opening the APP, there is a “GPS motion” mode that can record and display your movement course, speed per hour and calories burned.Very fit for outdoor sport.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracking ‘Real-time heart rate monitor and high blood pressure monitor, measure your heart rate and high blood pressure automatically, all of the information will be synced to the app.The sleep monitor will track your sleep circumstance in the evening, record the information of light sleep, deep sleep and awake sleep phases and so on, you can improve sleep quality and lifestyle through examines the information.
  • Call & Message Notifications ‘The fitness watch will vibration to advise that you have an inbound call, SMS and SNS( Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and Snapchat etc.), the caller and message contents will be display on the screen, and you can press and hold the secret to hang up call if you are bothersome, no concern miss out on any essential messages.Metal and silicone straps make you free choice for casual and business style.
  • Waterproof & Female Physiological Cycle ‘IP68 international waterproof score 1/4 you can use it when cleaning hands, showering( No warm water) and swimming (can’ t track swimming information) etc. Through APP record the menstruation cycle to anticipate ovulation and remind, the function is shown only if the gender set to woman.
  • Longer Battery Life & Wider Compatibility ‘Built-in 200 mAh battery, working time has to do with 3-5 days and the standby time can be 15 days.This smartwatch compatible with IOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and above systems, App supports most mobile phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above (not for tablet or PC)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tagobee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Waterproof Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor.

Question Question 1

How Should We Change The Watch Band?

There is a tool that comeswith You put it in the hole carefully pry the tab up and when you set it where you want press the tab pull back.

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Alarms Can You Set?

As numerous as you want

Question Question 3

Can This Watch Measure Blood Pressure In Foreign Nations?

Yes. It is an intrinsic function of watch to measure blood pressure, pulse and steps. It does not need a web connection to do these measurements. You need to combine it with a cellular phone with a web connection to set the time, however then the watch will keep time from that point on.

Question Question 4

Can Data Be Downloaded To Pc?

No, it can’ t downloaded to pc.

Question Question 5

How Do We Set The Notifications For Our Calls, Sms And Social Network On The Watch? The Instructions Are Really Unclear.?

Hi pal, please link to “H band” app through bluetooth, then click “our device” and find “message notification” to set it.any issue please contact our customer care center: summeriii@foxmail.com

Question Question 6

Why Does The Bp Not Show And Update On The Iphone App Like The Heart Rate Does?

Not our kind of watch.

Question Question 7

Blood Pressure Accurate?

yes, we inspected with other sources

Question Question 8

Where Can We Buy A Replacement Charger?


Question Question 9

How Do You Set Your Tagobee Fitness Tracker Tb11, Smart Watch Ip68 To Your Iphone Max Pro 11?

Sorry, the watch only set to phone, can’ t set PC.thank you.

Question Question 10

Mide El Oxigeno ??


Question Question 11

What The Call Of Apps To Use?

Hi pal, the free App is “H band”, you can download and installit in Android market or Apple Google Play.

Question Question 12

Why Does The Bp Not Show And Update On The Iphone App Like The Heart Rate Does?

No reply

Question Question 13

We Have Two Questions, 1- Is Your Phone Data Safe On This Watch? 2- Does It Deal With Samsung Phones?

It works with samsung

Question Question 14

Does This Work Well With An Iphone?

we have anAndroid so we wouldntknow ifworkswell with an iPhone.

Question Question 15

Does It Have A Treadmill Sport Alternative?

No, the sport mode does not have a different classification breakdown.

Question Question 16

Where Is The Gps Motion Mode In The App?

On the control panel setting in the app, go to more then press the equipment settings, that’s where whatever needs to be switched on.

Question Question 17

Does The App Only Use Cm And Kg Or Did We Miss The Way To Modification It?Thought We Would Set Up The App While Our Order Was On Its Way?

not exactly sure

Question Question 18

Does This Watch Use A Sems Card To Get All The Oit Feature It Or Do We Have To Buy One And What Kind?

Hi pal, this smart watch does not need to intall any card, just link to you phone to use it.

Question Question 19

Can We Modification Bands On This Watchwe Are Having An Issue With The Band Product?

we are sorry our watch never ever got here??

Question Question 20

We Want To Get More Bands To Modification Around, What Is The Size For It In Mm?

Width is 0.870 inches or 22 mm

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Tagobee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Waterproof Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like this fitness tracker watch. We are happy we acquired it. We compared it to a worker who acquired a comparable watch for numerous dollars. His watch does not even have a bp reader (surprise). Anyhoo, we actually more than happy that we acquired it. The battery life is remarkable and the general quality is way better than we prepared for due to just how much it cost. You definitely get your cash worth and a lotmore It well packaged and you even get a screen protector for it (make certain to not toss it away, an individual that acquired it after we revealed him my own didn’t’ recognize that it came with the screen protector). In general, we highly advise this watch – absolutely purchase this one prior to invest numerous dollars for another one. You will not be dissatisfied:-RRB-.

We got our watch, and due to the fact that we have extremely small wrists, we required to change the band. We encountered an issue. We called the seller, they reacted within hours to provide us help. It wound up that we needed to call them once again a few more times. We always got a response in an extremely brief time. They extremely enthusiastically solved our concern and up until now we are incredibly happy with the watch. We have been a prime member for numerous years with extremely few problems, however with the ones we have called the seller, tagobee is without a doubt the very best. We will continue our evaluation of the watch once we have utilized for a few days and end up being familiar with the app it utilizes. This item is amazing for the cost. Not only is it incredibly great looking it is extremely easy to use. It linked to the h band app without an issue. We have a galaxy s 10 which absolutely satisfies the requirements for appropriate operation of the watch. (it is incredibly essential to take notice of the specifications of the item, it can conserve you and the seller a great deal of time and disappointment. )on the preliminary set up, we believed the app was a little minimal. We have continued to check out and have found there is a lot more settings and information to befound Sadly, like a great deal of tech products, they do not provide a great deal of instructions on how to get the optimum performance. We just kept browsing. The battery has actually been incredibly lasting, it has actually been 6 days and we still had one bar left. We charged it and it took less than two hours, plugged into the wall charger we plug our galaxy s10 into. At this moment, we are incredibly happy with this watch, worth every cent. And, as mentioned previously, the seller is superior in our book.

We actually take pleasure in the feel of the watch and the magnetic charger. It is a good size for our wrist and we understand that band is safe and secure. It was easy to set with our phone and go through the functions without any issues. We mored than happy with the size of the lettering on the watch given that we use glasses and that can be a problem for us. Will most likely need to get another given that our other half been appreciating mine. Have attempted other smart watches and this is made muchbetter Great value.

We actually like this watch as far as generic activity trackers go. The producer has actually added a great deal of functions that we have not seen on others, and they all improve the effectiveness of this device. The steel band and frame are perfect for us given that we are adverse silicone, and it’s an extremely good-looking watch. The frame is on the large side though and is just small enough by a hair to be a good girls watch. The battery lasts us approximately 3 to 4 days. The app is remarkable, however it does not sync with google fit. So if you wish to use numerous health monitoring apps in the future, you might wish to avoid over this specific watch. If you just need to delicately monitor things like your sleeping routines and stress, this is perfect.

Great watch for the cost. Streamlined and stunning.

It is actually challenging to find a great smart watch with a round face, as most are square. This one looks more like a normal watch with the face switched off and we like that it does not stand out excessive. The lighter color of the band makes it more womanly, too. We like how bright the screen is, keeping it easy to translucent the day in various lighting environments. The battery quickly lasts throughout the day and the screen is responsive to our finger.

This watch looks extremely great and fits easily. We are not exactly sure how accurate the step counter is due to the fact that our first few steps were 100% accurate however when we were taking a seat at the computer system it was counting our hand motions as steps. If we saw somebody using this watch we would presume it was a costly on brand one. We would advise this watch to a pal or family member.

Great watch. Easy to set up software and instructions. Tracking steps, sleep pattern, exercise and hr. Interchangeable bracelet makes it a style declaration too. Battery life is long. Would absolutely advise.

We were actually amazed by the appearance and feel of this watch. It looks great and feels significant. The watch is easy to use. It has a great battery life. There are 2 h band apps and we linked it to the h band 2. 0, without any problems. The only issue was when we had trouble attempting to figure out how to change the metal band. However, we found that somebody had actually published a link to a youtube video in the question and response area, which explains how the band can be changed using the tool (consisted of with the watch).

We highly advise thisproduct It’s comfy to use, tracks movement/sleep/heart rate precisely, and the app is likewise extremely valuable. We used it without a screen protector for few days and banged it on a couple doorjambs, however it didn’t fracture. In general, we are even more happy with this product than we believed we were going to be and we advise it to anybody who want to know more about their health and improve it.

Just got. Strong, extremely easy to establish on phone, app user interface is standard for the market. Changing band too a minute however needle nose pliers sufficed. Love the black stainless-steel appearance, sharp. Will upgrade as we use over the next week. Calls and messages are coming through fine and heart beat appears accurate based upon our normal resting.

It tracks whatever, injured beats, steps, kilo calories burned. It’s likewise an extremely great looking watch.

We purchased this watch for enjoyable and found it incredibly worth it. The cost is not as costly and it looks excellent. The silver watch band actually provide you a classical taste. Nobody will know you purchased this for 43 dollars. They will think that deserves numerous dollars. That actually makes us happy. The functions of the watch is likewise extremely helpful and you can have a good time on finding them.

Flat on your arm, light weight, has a tool in package, has an extra rubber belt.

Truly liking this smart watch. After reading some good evaluations we purchased it. We are not exactly sure how accurate the readings are however they appear quite area on for us. We will be attempting it out for a work out tomorrow early morning for the very first time. Love that it comes with two bands to pickfrom We actually like the stainless-steel band. We have extremely small wrists and and with this one all the excess is on the within and not hanging off our wrist. Our most significant problem after 2-3 day of using it is. The battery life barley makes it 24 hrs. We like to use it in the evening to track our sleep, so its fully charged when we go to sleep. By 5 pm we are down to one bar and requiring to plug it in. The last fitness tracker we had would go for days prior to we needed to charge it. So this might for sure be improved, unless we have got a setting that requires to be altered. We have love to know if anybody else has this concern. We actually like the style and design of the watch however not that delighted with the battery life.

The app takes a bit of navigation and once you figure out what everything implies it’s good. The watch itself is extremely clear and easy to check out. Does heart rate, high blood pressure and keeps an eye on steps. We liked this watch due to the fact that it’s huge and round unlike the the narrow ones that would be hard to check out. Up until now we like it. Just takes some time to get use to the app and what you want established. If you want the calls, e-mails, app notifications and texts to come through you need to make certain and permit approvals and turn whatever on that you wish to come through. Functions great as soon as you figure all of itout Guidelines are quite clear too.

The watch is extremely stunning and the display is extremely bright and colorful, we purchased this for our partner and he likes it. He stated it s better than the fitbit alta hr we got him formerly (which quit working. )this watch was a perfect replacement and the appearance of it is actually smooth and professional looking we both actually love that about this watch. We kinda want one for ourself. The hard part was attempting to change the band however we searched for a video on youtube and now it s so easy to change and remove if required. We both authorize of this stunning watch if you re looking for a replacement and even a great fitness watch we advise this one, specifically for the cost point??.

We have a pal that is entering fitness and we wished to get him a gift so to motivate his new interest. This is the perfect happy medium in between kid electronic watches vs super costly top of the line watches. This has numerous functions that he would want consisting of bluetooth connection and gps along with all the metrics that he would wish to keep track to look at his development.

We purchased the watch in december and for what ever reason it quit working. We called who attempted to help and they recommended we call tagobee. Anticipating not to get help, the specific opposite occurred, they said sorry, recommended a solution, and supplied us another watch. Now, our relative, and children likewise own watches from this very same business (tagobee). The watch works well, time is accurate, high blood pressure appears relatively accurate, steps accurate, and battery life is excellent.

Good: the watch is as explained. It is sound and operates as guaranteed. Bad: the user’s manual is regretfully doing not have in much information essential for easy setup and operation. Luckily there are some youtube videos to use up the slack. Ugly: the guidelines are printed so small regarding be almost unreadable and there are no pdf’s out there to be downloaded. We wound up scanning mine, pasting them into a word file and expanding them to about a 9 point size.

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