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V8 Original Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice

V8 Original Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of V8 Original Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice.

  • 2 full serving of veggies and antioxidant vitamins A & C in every can
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and Non-GMO
  • Light on the sodium, without compromising all of that great V8 taste
  • V8 100% Vegetable juice. Skillfully mixed for a delicious taste.
  • Bundle includes 1, 11.5 ounce, V8 Juice can

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on V8 Original Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice.

Question Question 1

, Why Is Low Sodium Two Times As Costly As The Routine V8?We Would Order It When A Month Therefore Would Our Good friend If We Could Manage It.?

Buy the Low Sodium V8 at Walmart.A 12 pack of the 11.5 oz cans, more than double the size of these 5.5 oz cans, is $7.96 That s 4 cents less expensive for more than two times as much V8.

Question Question 2

Does This Have Fructose In Itf?

Just inspected the label and saw no reference of fructose – though the Campbell site (https://www.campbells.com/v8/vegetable-juice/low-sodium-v8/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwl-e4BRCwqeWkv8TWqOoBEiQAMocbP7ZFp68 fXTSpIcdFUFW7z2J0fBB1bCrBAax9AHZ4Ww0aAv3c8P8HAQ) for low-sodium V8 states there are 7 grams of “sugars” per serving.Could th Just inspected the label and saw no reference of fructose – though the Campbell site (https://www.campbells.com/v8/vegetable-juice/low-sodium-v8/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwl-e4BRCwqeWkv8TWqOoBEiQAMocbP7ZFp68 fXTSpIcdFUFW7z2J0fBB1bCrBAax9AHZ4Ww0aAv3c8P8HAQ) for low-sodium V8 states there are 7 grams of “sugars” per serving.Could those by naturally taking place sugars in the vegetables?If you wish to be definitely sure you ‘d need to do some more investigator work.

Question Question 3

Why Does Charge A Bottle Deposit On The V-8 Low Sodium Cans When The Cans Are Non-Returnable??

we think we didn’t recognize that they do.

Question Question 4

How Come The Low-Sodium V-8 Is The Very Same Cost As The Routine V-8 In A Supermarket?


Question Question 5

The Listing (Possibly It Should Be Fixed?) States $0.01 Per Ounce, With Existing Cost $3.08What System Of Currency Has 46 * $0.01 = $3.08?

Sounds as if it’s a typo.

Question Question 6

This Item Is Not “.01 Per Ounce” However Almost 10 Cents Per Ounce?

If 1 ounce expenses 10 cents, and 2 ounces costs twenty cents, and 3 ounces costs thirty cents, and so on, then it the cost does appear to be 10 cents per ounce.

Question Question 7

Does V8 Have A Sugar Free Veg Dring? God 5 Grams Is Alot.?

The only sugar in this juice is that from the tomatoes.Tomatoes consist of sugar.You state 5 grams?our can states 10 grams (13 G overall carb, 3G fiber, 10 G sugars in 11.5 fl oz can.Your can is 5 oz, so 5G sugar is right.Look at the active ingredients on your can (or in the listing). There is no added sugar.

Question Question 8

Does This Version Of V8 Have Msg In Any Of It’S Kinds Or Names?

No, our V8 beverages don t consist of any MSG. You can be guaranteed that we always label MSG if utilized in any of our products.

Question Question 9

Why Has Cost Doubled?

Good question.we have never ever seen anything vary a lot in cost on here.It increases and down wildly.our last order was $1562/ case now it’s over $30 we can buy it at 7-11 for that price.Hopefully, it will return down quickly.

Question Question 10

Mustn’T The Cost Per Ounce Be 10 Cents, Not The One Cent In Product Description?Ten Cents X 5.5 Ounce Can Is 55 Cents Per Can; 6 Cans = $3.30?

10 cents per ounce times 5.5 ounces is 55 cents, and 55 cents times 6 is $3.30

Question Question 11

Why Can’ T We Order More Than One?


Question Question 12

Why So Costly Compared To Routine V8? In The Shops Cost Is The Very Same.?

Don’ t know what you pay for these cans where you live, however here in New York City we have paid $4.99 for a 6 pack of routine or low sodium V8 in our regional supermarket. Walmart charges $2.98 for the 6 pack( that makes it.50 a can) however they do not provide and our closest Walmart is at least an hour from our home by vehicle. we us Don’ t know what you pay for these cans where you live, however here in New York City we have paid $4.99 for a 6 pack of routine or low sodium V8 in our regional supermarket. Walmart charges $2.98 for the 6 pack( that makes it.50 a can) however they do not provide and our closest Walmart is at least an hour from our home by vehicle. we normally purchase it by means of subscribe and conserve and order 5 products each order. In July we paid $1836 for 24 cans (making them.77/can) which is more economical than our regional shops and it is provided to our home so we do not need to haul it home. we are not a huge fan of paying more for anything, however if it will conserve us 2-3 hours of driving and shopping time and extra our back and shoulders from raising it into the vehicle, out of the vehicle and carrying it into our home then we feel that it is cash well spent.Also, do not know if you discovered, however if you sign up for Prime Kitchen you can get both the low sodium and routine V8 for the very same $2.98 for the 6 pack.

Question Question 13

What Is The Sodium Material?

Check Out the product label on the shopping website, then you will know the quantity of Sodium.

Question Question 14

Why Can We Buy Routine V8 Juice Very Same Size And Amount For $1102 And The Low Salt Is $2535?

Good question. we do not know.

Question Question 15

What Are Certified Products?

Certified products are whatever states are certified products. Their choice.

Question Question 16

Is The Protein Material From Worms And Bugs?

no they are from the veggies.

Question Question 17

, Why Is Low Sodium Two Times As Costly As The Routine V8?We Would Order It When A Month Therefore Would Our Good friend If We Could Manage It.?

It is not two times as costly if you are purchasing it right. Good luck.

Question Question 18

Why Have Thisincreasedmore Than 18% Given That Recently – Are We Getting 18% More Product For The Cost Now?

examine back from time to time, costs vary regrettably

Question Question 19

A Case Of 24 Was $6 Cheaper Not Even 2 Months Ago.What Provides?


Question Question 20

Never Ever Got Our Order Of V8 Vegetable Juice And Cleaner?

May click help in the menu and start by tracking plan.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on V8 Original Low Sodium 100% Vegetable Juice, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have always been a tomato juice, v-8 juice individual. Even prior to we began to find the recovery residential or commercial properties of a good bloody mary, on the early morning after, a great deal of things . We always figured it was exhaustion of certain things like vitamin c. As we retired the early mornings after ended up being rather dull and oj went better with the coffee so our v-8 ended up being an in the past supper or late afternoon get. Up until somebody pointed out the high sodium material, so we attempted low sodium, it tasted horrible. Not one to quit we utilized some of the information that we got from a practically 5 year search for the perfect bloody mary, and began including numerous active ingredient’s till we strike upon a mix that we were comfywith The main things we include are lemon and or lime juice, we use fresh only and tabasco. Season with garlic powder and onion powder and then the fresh ground black pepper and celery seed and naturally we include a celery stick. And a lime wedge if you want the appearance. We have attempted to list things that are not going to make it any less healthy.

We enjoy low sodium v-8. Undoubtedly, in the start, we needed to train ourself to like it. (if you ever needed to get utilized to diet coke or diet pepsi, etc., or a healthy butter alternative, you know what we are discussing.) we made the choice to decide for the low sodium since there is an amazing quantity of sodium in the original formula, to the point where it nearly makes drinking it a bad concept. This11 5 oz can, in routine v-8, includes 920 mg of sodium, or 38% daily value. Holy cow, that is nuts. It’s likewise a travesty, provided that v-8 is so potassium abundant, and much of us do not get almost adequate potassium in our routine diets. Potassium is an essential regulator and can even effect high blood pressure. Okay, withdraw the soapbox: we enjoy that v-8 has the common sense to use the low sodium alternative, and we in fact enjoy the taste (now). We hope by reading this, a few individuals will offer it a shot. It likewise is pleasing enough to have as a quick on the go breakfast (in a pinch).

We are always requiring more veggies in our life, however we are particular. We do not like purchasing them every number of days, we do not like them concealing in our refrigerator and decaying, we have a hard time to fit them in, and we are not the one to be hurt with a vitamix and making a huge mess all the time. Come early afternoon, we just wish to have the ability to reach in the refrigerator and grab something prepared made. Oh, and we do not need our high blood pressure any greater than it currently is so we want more potassium, less sodium. So this low sodium product fits the expense, since the routine v8 is a salt bomb. We needed to wait about a month for this order, however that was divulged ahead of order and it in fact came a couple weeks previously than assured. We think we understand now that a zombie pandemic will cause individuals to hoard tomato juice, or possibly the chauffeurs just do not wish to be troubled carrying 24 can loads when they can carry 6 packs of toilet rolls rather. Or possibly, they do not wish to carry v8 and two times the toilet rolls for very same customers. It does tend to increase motility.

We drink v-8 everyday. We am not just stating this. We do. So we are v-8 specialists you may state. We consumed the original one for a few years however considering that our other half needed to cut down on salt this is where we began. Our first glass of the low sodium one wound up in the waste disposal unit. If you are utilized to the original version, your first taste of the low sodium one will be ghastly. However we did get utilized to it and so will you. The low-sodium is not as “full bodied” as the original version (it’s the salt,) however it’s good and better for us none the less. In some cases we will blend a small can of the original with this low sodium one. It is a gratifying drink for either a treat or with a meal. And if you are cutting down on sodium however do not wish to quit your v-8, it’s perfect.

Given That we do not need to have fruit in our vegetable juice, we choose this over others. There is a full taste without that taste coming from lots of salt which is something that appears to occur all the time. The taste is what we like and we use it as a vegetable serving. When semi-fasting, we will have a glass of this with a hard-boiled egg and we understand we have a veg and a protein which helps on those days when we are cutting down. We often include a little bit of hot sauce to it and always drink it cold. Home juicing is better however if you do not do that, this is great to have on hand.

We in fact enjoy this vegetable juice. We purchased this at our regional walmart in the low sodium to attempt cut way down on our sodium intake however we likewise purchased the routine one to with great deals of sodium in case we did not like the lower sodium. So after we attempted the low sodium we chose we enjoyed it and will not even touch the greater sodium one any longer and we offer that to others that like it. Ever since we have come here to to get it in the 24 loads. This is our 2nd time purchasing it and the cost the 2nd time was a little greater which we were not happy about however for a couple dollars more to be delivered to our door is not completion of the world however it still draws. In any case we still advise this to anybody that wishes to attempt include something better to their diet.

We think about these essential for everyday nutrition and for exercise recovery. Each11 5 ounce can has more than 1100 mg of potassium, which helps us strike our daily objective of 4700 mg. Nevertheless, the cost on the 24- pack of11 5-ounce cans just soared over 10 dollars, so we will need to source these in other places now.

Don’ t enjoy it, however v8 low sodium 100% vegetable juice,11 5 fl oz cans (pack of 24) is an exceptionalproduct We have no dietary need of low sodium, however there is a lot extra sodium in most of the ready foods we take in, we attempt to keep our intake at a minimum. The taste of this v8 is delicious without the disturbance of the extra sodium. We discovered an inconsistency in between the variety of portions as mentioned on the can and in the description of the product; the can has 1 serving per can and the description mentions 2 portions of veggies percan The description for the original v8 in the 5. 5 fl. Oz. Can mentions 1 serving of veggies per can, so maybe the11 5 fl. Oz. Can has 2 portions of veggies. In any case, this does not alter our ranking of the low sodium v8 in the11 5 fl. Oz.Can Likewise, when we put 1 case of 24 cans in our cart the cost had to do with $23 80, or about $0. 99 percan Thankfully, we went to sleep prior to we might complete the order, and when we awakened we discovered a rate modification in our cart which was reduced to $16 72[$7+], or about $0. 70 per can, which is the first time a rate modification in our cart worked n our favor. 4 weeks ago we positioned an item in our cart for $47+ which sufficed for us to buy 2, and then added a number of more products to our cart, and just as we were set to continue to checkout, we discovered the blue lettering specifying a rate modification in our cart [we almost missed it] turned out within 4-5 minutesour $47+ item increased more than $10 each, so we waited for later on hoping for a subsequent cost reduction. So, to return on track with this evaluation of the low sodium v8 juice, we are really happy with this deal since of the cost [$0. 70/can, but even at $0. 99/can, this an excellent buy considering it is a processed food. We can and do better, when we make our own fruit and vegetable drinks with our 5 year old blendtec icb3 blender [1500+ watts, 2. 5 hp, 13 amps], butsometimes we get lazy, and the v8 juice in a can is really practical with its pop top. Peace, & health.

It utilized to be this case of 24 was well in the area of $30 We like the concept of getting two portions of veggies in what we think is enjoyable tasting mix. The low-sodium is a must for anybody seeing this crucial measure, the routine v8 is horrifyingly big quantity of sodium. We cant bring ourself to buy the bigger single-use plastic bottles, the completely recyclable aluminum can is the way to go. Unfortunately, the case is ensconced in plastic as prevails these days – keep in mind, there was a time (20 years) when they would cover it in cardboard rather of plastic. If they did this, might prevent the secondary box they deliver it in. Otherwise this would get 5 stars.

This is an wonderful item to keep in your kitchen – particularly if you are on a low sodium diet. We really delight in the taste better than just plain tomato juice. It is so really flexible. We use it as a rejuvenating drink, as a mixer for bloody mary mixed drinks (we normally include 1 tsp of worcestershire sauce, a few shakes of hot sauce, 1 tsp of lime juice and a shake of celery seeds, vodka 1/2 -1 -1/ 2 oz depending upon how strong we want it, per 8 oz serving. Or you might leave out the vodka and just have a virgin mary), with low sodium chicken broth as a tomato soup, as an active ingredient in our tomato sauce and often we enjoy it as a potassium replacement. So really pleased that this product exists, and on, at such a reasonable cost.

We enjoy v8 and this is v8. We were reluctant to get the low sodium range as we had formerly remembered it to be quantifiable various however we were happily amazed to find otherwise. Approved we were not consuming them side by side however we might not inform the distinction in between low sodium and the routine v8. Great cost too, stockpiled for the workplace and have one in the am and one at night. Being low sodium, consuming two or more a day is not a problem, and while we likewise attempt to get some genuine fruits and veggies, v8 is a great enhance to hectic living when what you must do is not always what you do do.

The high sodium version has an incredible quantity of salt, for this reason it is taste journey and the factor it is so popular. The sodium here is dramatically lower, potassium is increased for good taste. Have not had the original for several years due to persistent chf, am salt delicate however can endure some thanks to the diuretic we take for which the kcl stands out bonus offer. Last night had our first can from the case and was happily shocked, okay. And we are food lazy to the vegis play a beneficial function.

These v8 low sodium vegetable juices are perfect for those looking for healthy alternatives without compromising the benefit. We enjoy the low sodium version as it tastes less salty. Remarkably, it s likewise quite filling. Consuming two of them would approximately be half a meal for us. According to the active ingredient lists, it s made from concentrated vegetable juice from tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, and spinach. Really yummy.

V8 low sodium has been our preferred tomato juice for years. We do not like all the unneeded added salt in the other ranges of tomato juice, consisting of the original v8, however this type has all the taste without the salt. This juice offers out rapidly in the regional groceries, as there are great deal of health mindful individuals around here that buy it for the nutrientbenefits Typically has good costs for this compared to other online merchants, so we buy it wholesale when we can’ t get it in your area. Good juice.

Taste is like routine v8 however this is 2/3 lower in sodium. Full serving of veggies and only 30 calories. Small & easy grab & go size for as quick “select us up” throughout the day. Heavy cardboard box w/ dividers in between 6 packs inside box for shipping will prevent leak or puncturing, however it is a great deal of cardboard & aluminum so please recycle. Simple subscribe & conserve works perfect for a can a day to have throughout work shift & on the go.

Our issue was that it would get here in bad condition however the case of v8 showed up in outstanding condition (no damages or any damage). Good way to consist of a selection of veggies in one’s diet, and with low sodium, at this time of “social distancing” when it might be tough to get to the grocery stores for healthy food that will not weaken rapidly.

We much choose this low sodium v8 to the original. We drink one every day, soon after completing breakfast, with our supplements. We recommend cooling the cans to make the drink more tasty as space temperature can make it appear like a too-warm soup rather than a legitimate drink. We drink these to get 1 of our 5 daily portions of fruit and veg in at the start of our day. We have gotten a shipment one or two times with a few dinged up cans however none ever with a punctured one.

If you’re seeing your sodium intake and who isn’t, this is a great choice. We enjoy v8, all of them however this is now our favorite. Think it or not, it tastes good, too just as with the original. We like it. We didn’t think we would, however we do. Brief on veggies in your life, why not attempt a v8? absolutely nothing bad about this one.

Bought for our granny cause she needs to watch her sodium however she enjoys v8. She stated it does taste various with less sodium however not a huge distinction and do not taste bad or have a bad aftertaste. Will certainly acquire these once again. Product packaging was on point so no problems with harmed products.

We have always enjoyed v8 however might never ever find it offered in multiple cans or low sodium. We found an offer on it online that directed us here to for $10-$12 for 24 cans. We have considering that bought it a few other times however it appears the cost keeps increasing so we will look in other places for it in the future. Great taste, however.

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