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Vabogu Fitness Tracker HR

Vabogu Fitness Tracker HR, with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vabogu Fitness Tracker HR, with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Smart Function ‘Track your daily steps, range and calories, assisting you do exercise scientifically and reach your objectives; constant, automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking, learn more about your heart rate at any time and get a better understanding of your fitness level
  • Sleep Tracking ‘Automatically track how well you sleep during the night, get the information about your sleep patterns through the night in the app.The silent vibration alarm clock can wake you up without troubling others.
  • IP68 Swimproof ‘IP68 waterproof index of the tracker helps you care free while swimming, diving or showering. It only requires to be removed prior to a hot bath.
  • Charging Anywhere ‘Integrated In USB Charge( no cable television required).Full charge needs only about 2 hour and one single charge provides you approximately 5-7 days of working time.above

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vabogu Fitness Tracker HR, with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor.

Question Question 1

The Runmifit App Is Not Offered On Google Play. How Do We Get This To Work If App Is Not Readily available?

we came here for the very same problem.we are not comfy downloading an app on our phone of it does not a minimum of come from the Google Play Store.Even that isn’t a guarantee for safety, however an unidentified site is certainly an issue.

Question Question 2

Is It Compatible With Ipad?

Don’ t know

Question Question 3

No Display?


Question Question 4

Is This 1 Size Fits All?

Yes, only the colors are various

Question Question 5

Can The Vibrating Be Activated From Another Location Through The App?


Question Question 6

Does The Band Pop Off Quickly For Charging? Some Tracker Bands Have To Be Pried Off With A Screwdriver, Knife, Etc.?

you can angle the band away without much trouble

Question Question 7

Why Our Calories Burned Isn’T Accurate?

Calories burned is just a price quote on this device. It’s really challenging to track from a $25 dollar watch due to the fact that it depends upon various factors such as age, weight, gender, strength of exercise, etc.

Question Question 8

Will It Vibrate If We Are Over Or Under Our Target Heart Rate? Thank You.?

Sorry we do not know.we just got it so we are not familiar with all the benefits yet.we know it vibrates when our phone rings.

Question Question 9

Can We Use This If We Remain in The Sun All Day?

Yes, we use our in the sun all the time at our task.

Question Question 10

When We Charge Our Tracker, It Has The Wrong Time Till We Sync It.Is There A Way To Fix This?

DearWhen the tracker is out of power, there might be a mistake in the tracker time. After the battery is fully charged, please link your phone, it will automatically syuchronize the time to your tracker.

Question Question 11

Can We Sync 2 Trackers On One Phone, Partner Doesn’T Have A Mobile Phone?

we don t think youcan Since the app synchronizes to one watch.

Question Question 12

Can We Get This If We Have An Iphone SIX? Does It Work Well? Likewise, Does It Inform You When Somebody Calls/ Messages You? Does It Monitor Your Blood Pressu?

we don t know the existing abilities of a SIX iPhone. we haves Galaxy S9Android we pack the Vobuogu Fitness Tracker information thatit gathers to the RUNMIFIT App on our phone. The Fitness Tracker does not monitor your high blood pressure. You can only do a check of your high blood pressure. Nevertheless, it does monitor your heart r we don t know the existing abilities of a SIX iPhone. we haves Galaxy S9Android we pack the Vobuogu Fitness Tracker information thatit gathers to the RUNMIFIT App on our phone. The Fitness Tracker does not monitor your high blood pressure. You can only do a check of your high blood pressure. Nevertheless, it does monitor your heart rate and sleep information, etc.

Question Question 13

Can This System Transmitt Hr Information On Genuine Time To An App On Our Phonelike Wahoo Fitness And/Or Rouvy?

we are not familiar with wahoo or rouvy. we do know that it tapes your statistics and synchronizes with an app on your phone. It can be set to per hour monitoring.

Question Question 14

Does Anybody Have An Iphone 8 That This Tracker Functions Without Any Issues?

we have a n iPhone XR and it doesn t work with it. we can t even get the app to stay open for more than 2 seconds.

Question Question 15

Do You Have To Have Your Phone Neighboring In Order For This Smart Watch To Work Properly?

we think it has a 30 meter or 50 meter gain access to on it.

Question Question 16

How Do You Turn It On?

Hold your finger over the white box at the bottom of the clock face up until it switches on.

Question Question 17

Can You Use A Clip On Fastener And Connect To Bra?

No we can not.

Question Question 18

Does It Monitor Sleep Patterns?

Yes.It reveals Rapid Eye Movement, light, deep and awake times on a chart.

Question Question 19

Can We Link This Device With 3rd Party Apps Like Ourfitnesspal To Track Our Food Intake?

No you can t link to our fitness friend

Question Question 20

Do We Have To Carry Our Phone With United States When We Are Running, Cycling Or Swimming In Order For This Smart Watch To Work?

No, just sync it as soon as a day if you wish to keep track or your development. Likewise, we only need to charge it as soon as a week.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Vabogu Fitness Tracker HR, with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

When we purchased this fitness tracker/watch it only had one evaluation however it has a high blood pressure function that we were looking for in a tracker. We gambled on it and like it. It s smooth looking and light weight on the wrist. We allowed notifications and can see our imessages, social networks notifications and e-mails. We likewise set it to wake us in the early morning. The app tracks sleep, heart rate, inactive pointers, steps and exercises keeping them so you can make refer back. There is a lot more to this little tracker. We are really happy with this purchase and hope they come out with another with interchangeable bands.

This fitness tracker is truly good. It holds battery for long period of time. Easy to establish and app let’s you established really easy. We truly liked it. Rate likewise really affordable and good quality fitness tracker. Hey men you need to attempt this one.

We have had this for a little over a month and two weeks now. We got it due to the fact that we could not pay for among the greater priced devices. It’s been a good little fitness tracker for us up until now. Pro’s: we like that it monitors our heart rate and high blood pressure when we want, and our fitness exercises when we want. It has an easy to check out face. We like to use the alarm function on the watch to advise us of things throughout the day. It’s quiet and only vibrates on our wrist. We like that the app is easy to use and monitors things like our calories burned. The battery lasts all the time. In reality we have never ever truly let it go dead. We normally take it off when we shower (due to the fact that you need to) and put it on the charger then. Con’s: the main issue we had, initially, was figure out how to change the app to english and standard measurements. Having guidelines for that in english would be really valuable. The step tracker and the sleep tracker are not totally accurate. They do a good task and we can work with it for the function of getting this. We do get up in the night, often frequently, and the tracker never ever records that, or the steps we take while we are up. In general this is a good little fitness tracker and heart rate monitor for the rate. We would suggest it for anybody looking for a tracker that is fairly priced. * upgrade: still a good fitness tracker with good battery life, nevertheless the runmifit app they need you use with it is not. Because the current upgrade it will no longer sync with the device and no longer includes fitness, heart rate, sleep quality, or accurate step counts. We can not acquire the app admin through the app no matter how we attempt. We like the device. We do not like the app. Getting a new one that works regularly.

This is an actually good watch. We purchased it for a colleague who is from mexico, we are in the us. She saw our fitbit and informed us she desired one, considering that shes been so good to me, we wished to pay it forward. We need to do all her techy things with her phone due to the fact that she’s older and does not comprehend up until its described to her. So we downloaded the app and used it to learn more about it, we understood it would be simular to mine and easy. You do most of your operate in the app, setting timers, measure your stride length for accuracy, setting your objectives. You can have it vibrate or make a noise, it even has a find braclet function. It appeared like you can order other colored bands too. The alarms are going to deserve the entire thing even if she does not use it for exersize due to the fact that she is always working overtime off the clock. You can sync it with alot of apps even let’s you know when somebody is calling. Those functions alone are just worth it in our viewpoint in our kind of work. Its likewise really good looking. Get a screen protector. You couldnt discriminate in between the two at a glace however its a hair larger. It’s still pretty sufficient for a thin wrist. To be truthful, we are little envious due to the fact that it has more functions for the cash. Mine does not do high blood pressure, it does not serve as a remote for our phone video camera. They all count arm motion with the pedometer function due to the fact that it accounts for your arm motion when strolling. It has alot for your cash. The clock face is good too. She is enjoyed have it. We truly liked it alot. If we didn’t currently have one for ourself we would be using this one. Fitness trackers are life altering if you use the functions.

We like the functions. Easy check heart rate, high blood pressure, calories burned, steps made, etc. Petfect easy charging through usb, and all information noticeable through the app.

This activity tracker is great. So easy to establish and use. We like that it is waterproof due to the fact that we swim at the y two times a week. Likewise, when we were on the treadmill we compared the pulse reading on our tracker to that of the treadmill and they were truly close. The battery life is the very best of any tracker we have had and we have paid a lot more forsome Buy it, you will not be sorry.

Bought as a gift for our granddaughter. She is have a ball with it. Really instinctive and easy to use.

This thing is amazing for battery life. We have had it for about a month now and have not charged it more than 3 times and it regularly buzzes for alarms texts and contacts us to inform me. It likewise inspected and tapes our heart rate every half hour and tracks our sleep. We do not like that every as soon as in a while we need to open our phone to get the app running in the forground once again so it will alert us to calls and texts however that’s no it hard to do. One disadvantage is that the app needs to be continuously running in the background however it does not appear to be a drain on our battery or phone memory so it’s not dreadful. For the rate this tracker has actually been more than enough, we truly like it.

Actually delight in the size. We do not truly like the reality that we need to click thru whatever to return to something, however letting it go black and beginning over has actually proven to be more valuable. As far as we can inform, it’s accurate, and it was precisely what we were looking for.

The fitness tracker hr has all of the functions we were looking for at an affordable rate. Nevertheless, the most frustrating thing is the binding. We have a galaxy s9 android phone that we filled the runmifit app onto. After some useless efforts we did the following: first, make certain your phone s bluetooth is on; then reboot your phone and go to the runmifit app and start the binding. Ensure your phone and the tracker are near eachother It might take a number of efforts. Nevertheless, if you shut down your phone you have to go to the runmifit app and rebind. First you need to unbind the tracker from the phone; shut down your phone; and then rebind the two following the treatment we pointed out previously. The favorable thing is that the tracker will then submit the information it has actually kept. In our case, it was a sleep cycle and daily heat rate. We have checked to see just how much information it saves money on the tracker. Among the important things why we likewise purchased the tracker was for the high blood pressure monitoring. Our objective was to persuade our relative, who has hypertension, to use one. Nevertheless, there is no history storage of it like the other alternatives. This alternative is essential for those who examine their peak bp and heart rate to examine their recovery response time after working out. We did examine our pulse signed up by the tracker and found it to be accurate. We inspected it versus our pulse oximeter, which we had actually verified it s accuracy at our physicians s workplace. We likewise inspected the high blood pressure alternative. Nevertheless, we don t have a technique to validate it s accuracy. The reading it provides us remains in the variety of a reading at a doctor s workplace. We plan to examine it at a future visit. So to evaluate, the tracker does preform as promoted and at an affordable rate. If you keep your phone on 24/ 7 then the binding/unbinding treatment shouldn t be an issue. The heart rate and sleep analysis graphics are great and helpful. Nevertheless, the absence of recording and graphing the history of the high blood pressure alternative is frustrating. It would have supplied a great analysis bundle.

Total we are really happy with our fitness tracker. We have not utilized a fit-bit to compare this one to, however for $35 this appears to do most, if not all, of what a comparable fit-bit will do. It is easy to use, and seldom requires a charge. Among our preferred function is that it informs us of inbound calls – we typically forget to turn the ringer back on in the early morning and will miss out on calls, so this function is really useful. Nevertheless, the one problem that we have with it is that if we are away from our phone for any length of time the fitness tracker will no longer sync to our phone (android 10/ pixel 3). We are unsure if it’s a concern with the fitness tracker or the runmifit software. We consistently need to go into the software, unbind the the two, reboot our phone and then re-bind them. The re-bind always stops working if we do not reboot our phone first. Once it’s re-bound all of our information exists, so we are not losing anything, however it’s a pain to do.

We purchased this item due to the fact that one evaluation revealed that it checks out high blood pressure, and all evaluations were 5 star. Mine showed up a week later on. The app was okay, however the blood pressure reading would get stuck on testing and stagnate from there. A few days later on it totally quit working. We got in touch with the maker, they guaranteed a replacement remains in mail, it is all lie. Don’ t buy, does not work. Above was our evaluation however then we got a replacement wrist tracker. This one is working fine however we do observe the battery on these are not that great in contrast to our one we changed. We are happy this 2nd device works as it ought to and for that reason we are altering from one star to 4 due to the fact that it took truly long to get here. Thank you vabogu fitness.

There are lots of factors we desired a “fitness” tracker, consisting of sleep monitoring (we are an insomniac), heart rate monitoring, and high blood pressure testing. Counting steps and following exercise (such that it is) are likewise high up on ourlist However we never ever wished to invest the cash on a fitbit, for example. So after some research, we picked the vabogu, and we could not be better. It’s simple to establish and has all of the functions we kept in mind above andmore The battery life has to do with 3 days per ten-minute charge. That’s exceptional on both counts. And due to the fact that we are author with a part-time workplace task, we truly value the inactive reminder. The device likewise perfectly provides our messages right to our wrist. Approved, the on-screen property is restricted, however we can see if something crucial has actually shown up. We have one quibble and a demand. You can not sign up the device using a gmail address, which is odd. So when you order to link to the app on your phone, you need to have an alternative if gmail is your go-to. And we would like it if they would make extra bands readily available in alternative colors. It appears like a super easy thing to do. It would make it much more enjoyable.

With this fitness tracker; it s appears like a fitbit charge: which is why we purchased it. We acquired for our child to get her up and moving considering that school is now in our home. Anyhow, it s a good product however we found it challenging to separate the band so that the tracker might be charged. The charging port is on completion of the tracker where it links to the band. We tho o this will ultimately result in increased wear and tear so we don t see this long lasting that long. It s only $25 so we will use it as long as it last. It s not that it s not durable however we can predict it not lasting more than a year. The tracker utilizes any usb cable television to charge it. This cord does not come with the tracker.

So we purchased this fitness tracker for a few factors. We like that it had a high blood pressure monitor. Its lovely accurate within a couple points we would state, which for us we are fine withthat The steps are little off however not that bad. We like that it has an inactive reminder that vibrates your wrist to advise you to get up and relocation. We like that we can sync it approximately our phone and if we get a text or a call while we are in another space away from our phone it informs our tracker on our wrist, it does have a range limitation. We did have a difficult time syncing to our phone however after unbinding and a factory reset or 2 later on we did get it to work. The charging is easy pop off completion and plug it into among your own usb battery chargers. The battery life is respectable we got 7 days out of it prior to needing to charge. It wont sync to your phone if the battery is too low. If you do not do the calls/texts than you’ll get back at longer battery time. It demonstrates how well or unhealthy you slept which we think is quite accurate. You can established a particular sport to record for either a walk, run, trek, or cycling timer. You can do an outdoor sport and use the app on your phone to reveal a map of where you are or going. There’s a few more functions that we have not had time to use yet. Great customer care we emailed them and the response time was within the next business day.

This is our 2nd fitness tracker. The first one, purchased two years earlier, required daily syncing with our mobile phone for it to operate at all; it got to be a trouble, so we provided it away. This one does not need that; in reality, all it requires is to be charged every 3 days approximately. We do not use all of the functions, however we are pleased with the step counter, the high blood pressure measuring tool (though we have no concept how it does it), and the inactive pointers. The screen can’ t read outdoors in daytime, however we are sure that’s true of all such devices. We are really happy with it.

We just got this fitness tracker the other day. It was so simple to set-up on the app. We generally acquired this to track our daily steps, however the high blood pressure and heart rate tracker appear great too. Update: it has actually had to do with a month now considering that we got this tracker. The steps appear relatively accurate. The high blood pressure is accurate as long as you get it in precisely the best area on your wrist; if it remains in the wrong area, it will provide incredibly incorrect outcomes. The app gets a huge thumbs down. It worked great the first few days. Then we found it only monitors two days. Whatever beyond that reveals absolutely nos. Still worth the cash just to track steps and get us up and moving more.

We have no problem about thisproduct Delivery is on time. It easy to establish. This tracker even you re far from your mobile you are still can get your message. Greatproduct Me and our hubby were using it today and we like it. It is accurate. We are going to purchase this fitness tracker hr once again.??????.

We are rather satisfied by this little o watch. We were getting a fitbit and this was for momentary use. However this watch work s respectable. It maintains with our sleep patterns and steps. Blood pressure is quite accurate and heart rate too. It quite durable and water evidence as explained. The band is a great size we have a large wrists. The app is quite easy to use and updates quick. It likewise informs us if we have a telephone call and fb posts. It respectable for the rate.

We have utilized another activity monitor watch and purchased this one due to the fact that it has actually rue high blood pressure monitor. We will state, its faster and appears more accurate than the previous design. As for the high blood pressure, just make certain to sit and feet on the flooring. Provide like 5 minutes to unwind, then take the vibrant pressure test. It appears on point with our manual blood pressure monitor that you cover your bicep. We like it, easy to use, and most of all really practical.

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