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Veridian Healthcare Smartheart Automatic Ultra Slim Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

Veridian Healthcare Smartheart Automatic Ultra Slim Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Veridian Healthcare Smartheart Automatic Ultra Slim Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor.

  • Clinically accurate readings, Blue backlit display, Fully automatic inflation and deflation
  • Systolic, diastolic and pulse results, 2-person memory bank holds 120- readings, 60 per user
  • Memory recall with date/time stamp, Average of last 3 readings, Hypertension Indication, Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • Includes: Monitor with connected adult wrist cuff, storage case, rechargeable lithium battery, USB cable television, detailed English/ Spanish guidelines, flying start guide, Frequently Asked Question handout and high blood pressure charting log

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Veridian Healthcare Smartheart Automatic Ultra Slim Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor.

Question Question 1

Can We Plug It Into A Wall Outlet?

No, there is no arrangement for standard household voltage or use by a transformer.It take two AAA batteries which work well.we have utilized our system with lithium batteries for about 30 readings and they are still going strong.Battery only is not an issue.

Question Question 2

We Have A TinyWrist Will This Work For United States?

we would take a better take a look at measurements of your wrist. It provided a read for our clients with small wrist however it took 2 shots often 3. However it works great Otherwise.

Question Question 3

How Large Of A Wrist Will This Fit?

Pretty wide

Question Question 4

Anybody Had Problems Returning It Within 30 Days Of Use In Case Breakdown?

Nope, it’s worked completely, no problems, absolutely nothing. love it;- > (It’s whisper quiet, good when you do not wish to disrupt clients (( like they’re not gon na get up anyhow from the pressure, ha)). we want it had a signal or a low ‘denting’ when the BP was finished)

Question Question 5

Is It Backlit?


Question Question 6

What Size Wrist Will This Fit? Our Partner Is 6Ft 8In And Has Xl Wrists.?

Connecting the cuff to the Velcro, at the largest possible area, it appears to have a size of about 9″. our wrist is at 7″ and there is excess cuff when we use it. we enjoy it up until now. Have utilized it everyday for about a month.

Question Question 7

Does This Have An Irregular Heartbeat Indicator?Some Places State Yes, Others Don’ T Reference It.?

Yes it does have an irregular heartbeat indication. According to the user’s manual, an irregular heartbeat is specified as a heartbeat that differs by plus or minus 25% from the middle of 5 heartbeat periods throughout the high blood pressure measurement.

Question Question 8

We Have Had Our Monitor For About 6 Mos., When Adn How Do You Modification Batteries?

When there is a low bat. indication shows up it is time to alter batteries. Slide out the small part of the cover, 3 dot like for hold, on left side where batteries are situated. 1.55 volts 2 AAA bat. Describe page 12 of running guidelines.

Question Question 9

Will This Fit A 5″ Wrist?

Any wrist over 4 1/4″ in size would be uneasy.

Question Question 10

What Size Batteries Does It Need?

triple AAA batteries.where do they go, how to put them in??can’ t figure it out.????

Question Question 11

Where Do The Batteries Go?

the part that has SYS, DIA and pulse is likewise the cover to the battery compartment. Just slide it to the left when it is facing you

Question Question 12

When We Put Our Order, We Want Only The Purple. Exists A Brighter Or Darker Purple?

Sadly there is not a better or a darker purple.

Question Question 13

What Is The Wristband Size For This Bp Monitor? Does It Fit Well On A Large Guy’S Wrist?

fits wrist circumference: 5-3/8″ – 8-3/8″

Question Question 14

Could We Use This On A Child’S Arm?

Definitely. we use my own on our 3 years of age wrist. Functions great.

Question Question 15

Tough To Read-Is There Any Way To Get The 120/80 With P71 Off The Front Of The Monitor?

Sorry we do not know. You may get a response from Resident Tel, # 1 800 321 1023.

Question Question 16

Is The Wrist Part Adjustable? We Need It For An Adult With Large Wrists.?

Yes, the wrist part is adjustable.we are home health nurse and it works well with both small and large wrists.It is likewise slim and compact.Several of our fellow nurses have seen mine and purchased their own similar to it.

Question Question 17

How Do You Charge It?

It comes with a USB charging cord.

Question Question 18

Does It Make A Sound When It Is Completed Taking A Reading?

No, my own do not.

Question Question 19

Is It Made In Japan Or China?

The one we have is made in China

Question Question 20

Made In China?

it appear like it was. however works good.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Veridian Healthcare Smartheart Automatic Ultra Slim Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

When we were at our medical professionals workplace, the specialist utilized this wrist thing to take our high blood pressure. We had been using the traditional cuff in the house and this appeared a lot less troublesome. We asked her how accurate it was and she addressed that they were positive in the numbers. So we kept in mind of the brand and purchased one. It s still a bit hard to use by yourself however we like it. We keep it in a small drawer so it s an upgrade.

We were shocked at just how accurate and easy to run this wrist high blood pressure reader is. We both enjoy it. Our hubby was having woozy spells and we needed to have the ability to rapidly inform if his high blood pressure was too low so we bought this wrist reader. He utilizes it every day and we use it about as soon as a week. Love it.

Best one we have seen yet – after owning and using numerous.

This is the 3rd resident in our family, the first one has been living for practically 6 years and still works well. Excellent quality for several years.

We use an automatic cuff everyday at work. This brand, specific cuff, is as accurate as you can get with a manual. We enjoy it. Particularly how you can return to find a bp you have forgotten to chart.

Great little device. Functions well really accurate and easy to use. Supplier offered outstanding service in providing the product on timeand in great condition.

Worked well for the first 6 months and stopped. Last for a brief time.

We enjoy this really portable blood monitor. Even our charge nurse obtains it from me. Its such a good item to have.

We likewise purchased a ch-456 Our relative is a nurse so we took a seat and did some contrasts with the genuine thing and these two systems. We pertained to the conclusion that these are both reliable and accurate however you need to use them as they state in the instructions that is necessary. They will both differ considerably if not utilized as explained in the user manual.

A lot simpler then arm monitor. Love that it’s easy to check out. We took it to our doctor’s consultation the other day and examined it for accuracy and it was point on. Check out guidelines thoroughly for most accurate reading. We would absolutely suggest this monitor if you need or wish to take your high blood pressure daily.

The factor for 4 stars is. We just want it had a “bing” or a “ding” when the bp was acquired. We have a difficult time hearing the ‘pumping up’ stop, due to the loud television’s & other sounds at a retirement home. Other than that, we think it is a great little machine & really accurate if used properly. Just follow the easy instructions & you’re good to go.

We are happy with this system. We hope it will continue to serve its function for a long period of time.

We enjoy not needing to have batteries all the time for this and likewise the bigger cuff offers more accurate readings.

Love it and came early.

We use in dental workplace.

Functions great. Not large or large. Even discovered an irregular heartbeat after valve reolacement surgical treatment.

Lightweight We carry it where ever we go.

Offers quick, accurate reedings.

We enjoy this bp monitor. We are home health nurse and this monitor is accurate, slim, and quiet. The case is small and uses up really little space in our nursing bag. A number of our clients, who currently have their own monitors, talk about just how much they like my own.

This is a beautiful little bp monitor – made in china, nevertheless we might not find one made in the us. Make sure that you purchase the ‘adult’ cuff so if you are bit chubby the cuff will fit your wrist. Appears well made, two batteries came with it, good bundle. We are not totally certain that it is totally accurate yet (although it appears to be) – we want a minimum of two months to make sure, nevertheless it is easy to use, quick, and isn’t such a huge offer as our large one – easy to carry. Makes a high pitch whine when pumping up, and our feline does not care for the sound, nevertheless it didn’t trouble me. It was a reasonable cost for a small, easy to carry bp monitor.

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