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Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine - Heart Rate Monitor - Automatic BPM Sphygmomanometer Heartbeat Measurements

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine – Heart Rate Monitor – Automatic BPM Sphygmomanometer Heartbeat Measurements

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine – Heart Rate Monitor – Automatic BPM Sphygmomanometer Heartbeat Measurements.

  • SEPARATELY EVALUATED FOR ACCURACY: Get clinically accurate high blood pressure readings in your home or on the go with the Vive Precision high blood pressure monitor. Showing high blood pressure readings, pulse rate and irregular heart beats when discovered, each monitor is separately evaluated for ensured accuracy. NEW 2019 updates improved device accuracy tolerance and pump stability.
  • OUT OF PACKAGE READY: The Vive Precision high blood pressure monitor includes whatever needed for out of package use. The set includes an easy to use bp monitor with a simple, one-touch operation, self-inflating arm cuff as much as 16.5 in arm circumference, 4 AAA batteries, a detailed user manual and two year guarantee.
  • TWO USER MEMORY FOR EASY TRACKING: Quickly switch in between two users to store measurements independently when sharing with a partner or liked one. Great for medical professionals sees, the bp monitor shops up to 250 measurements per user with a date and time stamp for quickly tracking heart health.
  • EASY TO READ DISPLAY: A bright backlight LCD screen reveals all measurements in large, easy to check out numbers and likewise includes a color-coded high blood pressure indication and instant signals when heartbeat abnormalities are discovered. The showed measurements consist of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and the picked user.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: Two year guarantee so you can purchase now with self-confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine – Heart Rate Monitor – Automatic BPM Sphygmomanometer Heartbeat Measurements.

Question Question 1

The Description Below The Photo States That The Cuff Size Has A Range 8 3/4″-16 1/2″ However The Image Of The Cuff Reveals A Range Of 8 3/4″-12 1/2″?

Since 10 -2-18 the images now reveal the right size cuff of 8 3/4″-16 1/2″.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Made?

Made in China. Unfortunately we appear to no longer make anything in USA

Question Question 3

Is Its Fda Approval For Home Use? Or Clinical Use? Please Response United States Properly.?

we are using it not in United States, however in Europe, we are using it in your home as a personal monitor device. However that’s amusing about FDA, the other day saw “Dallas purchasers club” where FDA is pointed out:D

Question Question 4

Can This Be Utilized While Working Out To Track Hr And Bp? Does It Offer Consistent Continuous Hr Readings While Doing Regular Bp Readings?

This is not the planned use of this machine. It determines your high blood pressure and heart rate and then ends reading. It s a great device for what it is created to do.

Question Question 5

Can You Select Which Blood Pressure Readings To Keep And The Ones You Want To Erase? Or Are All The Readings Deleted At The Very Same Time?

Yes you can erase or conserve any reading in your machine it depends on you

Question Question 6

Can We Change Out The Cuff For A Larger Cuff?

Katie.this cuff is an adult large cuff that determines almost 9″ to 16.5″. not exactly sure you would need a bigger cuff.To address your question. You might include a cuff however would have to cut off the existing one. The metal buckle does not appear to open.

Question Question 7

We Purchased This 3 Years Ago And The Readings Are Way Off.Can This System Be Calibtated?

Due to the fact that of the major nature of ones high blood pressure, we would recommend reaching out to Vive Precision straight.

Question Question 8

What Is The D Ring? If That Is A Bar On The Cuff; Then We Can’ T Use It Due To The Fact That It Injures Our Arm?

There is no bar on thr cuff

Question Question 9

Do This Design Have Large Cuff?

Yes, mine does.

Question Question 10

We Are Getting Mistake Message 1 On A Number Of Various Individuals. It’S Not Offered United States OneReading What Can We Do?

Worked great for us CHECK OUT the instructions

Question Question 11

Q: Is This Fda Approved?

we do not see an indicator in the manual that this is FDA approved. For that reason, we presume it isn’t.

Question Question 12

Can We Use This Alone? Without Help.?

we frequently use mine without any one to help me.You just slip your arm into the cuff (it’s currently like a loop) and then just use your freedom to protect the velcro strap.

Question Question 13

What A/c Adaptor Is Recommended?

No Air Conditioning adapter is required; the device is battery operated.

Question Question 14

Does It Inflate At The Time It Procedures The Pressure?

Yes it inflate just as the routine machine does. This was a great buy for us.

Question Question 15

Is It Battery Operated Or Can We Plug It In?

Battery operated. Great Purchase.

Question Question 16

After The First Few Readings We Began To Get Impossibly Low Readings For United States Like 80 Over 55.Why Would This Be? We Have Hypertension.?

Might examine the readings at a drug store machine to ensure your device is not malfunctioning. At that low a reading you need to feel it when you go from sitting to standing (lightheadedness, whiteout). Taking any high blood pressure medications might lower it likewise. See if pulse is good, not low likewise. If you are experiencing physical problems, go Might examine the readings at a drug store machine to ensure your device is not malfunctioning. At that low a reading you need to feel it when you go from sitting to standing (lightheadedness, whiteout). Taking any high blood pressure medications might lower it likewise. See if pulse is good, not low likewise. If you are experiencing physical problems, go to Urgent Care.

Question Question 17

How Do We Reset The Date/Time? We Lost The Directionbooklet?

Pushing the down button for a number of seconds makes it enter into reboot mode and you can set the time and date with that said.Be patient, it takes a little getting utilized to.

Question Question 18

Will An Adult Arm With 8″ Circumference Be Too Small For This Cuff For An Accurate Reading?

our arm is 12 inches.works great.we determined just how much Velcro is offered, appears like there would be approx 1-2 inches of Velcro to protect cuff with 8 inch circumference

Question Question 19

The Cuff States LeftArm Can We Use On Right Arm?

The brochure that came with it stated that you can take measurements from both arms, and then balance the two readings.However, it stated that the standard is to use the left arm for more accurate outcomes.

Question Question 20

Will This Fit A 19+ Inch Arm?

No it can not. It had trouble with a 16″+. While the cuff will Velcro around arms as much as 17″, the cuff will not remain in the index range and will impact readings. we determined the real index circumference and it’s just shy of 16″

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine – Heart Rate Monitor – Automatic BPM Sphygmomanometer Heartbeat Measurements, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We would have in fact offered it 4. 5 stars if we could, due to the fact that we like it with a few asterisks. In general, easy to use and easy to check out. If two individuals use it, you can set the user so that it will typical each user separately. It’s not a function we would use, however sort of good. In fact, in lieu of counting on the averages from the monitor, we use (and highly suggest) a free app called high blood pressure our diary which tracks your bp based upon a variety of requirements, such as time of day, position (sitting, horizontal, etc. ), date got in, etc. Out of package we were a bit hesitant with the quality of the readings. We indicate, how typically have you gone to the medical professionals workplace and got some odd reading, only to do it a few minutes later on and get an absolutely various reading. That being stated, we have evaluated the monitor back to back and the outcomes are extremely close. And when we have gone to the medical professionals workplace soon later on, we weren’t shocked with the numbers. A variety of individuals attended to the truth that it does not work well on small/normal arms. We have a slim arms however had no issues getting it to walk around our arm. As far as those less than perfect asterisks: * battery that came with the system passed away within a few weeks. The replacement battery has been working great after a few months of heavy use. * the face of the system is plastic and scratches quickly. Still legible. And “quite” has to do with the least of our concerns. * the velcro is nearly too good. It’s extremely hard to tear it off, and when reattaching, can wish to bind prior to you are prepared to close it. As a workaround, we now leave it in a circle that fits our arm securely, however we can slip it off with a little work. That way, we prevent the velcro battle. In general, we would certainly suggest to a pal.

Functions definitely wonderful. Whenever we go to our medical professionals our high blood pressure is high, we dislike going to doctor and dental professional workplaces and it reveals with our stresed out high readings. We took our new vive high blood pressure system with us to our last visit. Once again we were high, took a reading with our system and it was the very same as the medical professionals high blood pressure machine. We then had the ability to reveal him our high blood pressure over the last month and showed that our high blood pressure is definitely wonderful. Without the accuracy of our vive prescision system we would most likely be on high blood pressure medication and be injuring and potentially destructive our organs. Physicians aren’t gods and regrettably we often have to show to them the fact in black and white prior to they in fact think us, the patient who has been residing in the very same body all of our life. We have not been compensated in any way for this evaluation.

We are extremely happy with our high blood pressure monitor. It is extremely simple to use and we can monitor mine and our relative’s independently as there are 2 user settings. The simpleness in which we can get our bp is remarkable and the digital readout is great.

We initially acquired this for our mom, who is 93 years of ages and frail. The advertisement states that the cuff will deal with anybody with an arm circumference of 8 3/4″ on up. We thoroughly determined our mom’s arm at 9 l/2″. Pulling the measuring tape snuggly. Nevertheless, the cuff was still too large for her, and we might not get an accurate measurement. We needed to reorder a child-size cuff for her. This looks like a good bp monitor, so we chose to keep it for ourself. We much choose the arm monitors rather than the wrist monitors. We had acquired an omron wrist monitor that expense much more than this a few years back. It was an overall waste of cash. We would highly suggest the vive arm monitor to anybody looking for a truly good, affordable monitor. The only factor we are offering it 4 stars rather than 5 is due to the fact that it does not deal with arms as small as is composed in the advertisement.

Got here on time. Monitor is easy to use, accurate, and appears to be of good quality. We got an e-mail from the seller with a link to the operators manual prior to the monitor got here, however the consisted of guidelines sufficed. We got a follow up e-mail from the seller. They appear intent on offering good customer care. All around a good experience and we highly suggest this monitor and the seller.

There are a lot of alternatives when thinking about a bp monitor it gets complicated. All we desired was something that was automated, accurate, easy to run and reliable. We have utilized the vibe for weeks now and find it fulfills all of that requirements. Some have experienced battery life, however we just changed our first set that came with the system and believed we got fairly long life. Likewise, the computer system didn’t lose all our previous information when we changed them. It is apparent the cuff will accommodate most any arm size and the lit up display is easy to check out. A stop a current health reasonable led us to think we may have greater than normal bp so we believed we would monitor it. What have we found is that this has assisted us find what activities and/ or diet lead to readings even below 120/80 Great financial investment.

Go this with an oximeter, so we had the ability to double confirm accurate hr. This is a good product for the lazy in your home nurse who does not seem like arbitrarily carrying out bp checks with a manual sphygmomanometer. We still need to zero it out, however it looks like its currently accurate out of package. We suggest this product if you need a simple quick bp check in your home. Keep in mind, the cuff can just hardly fit our 9 year rail thin kid, however fits our big manly arms quite well. So it’ll cover nearly all grownups. Likewise note, this came packaged well and on time, and even consisted of batteries.

We are pregnant and traditionally have low high blood pressure. We typically feel woozy when we stand specifically throughout early mornings and we wished to stay on top of our bp in the coming months. We didn’t wish to spend a lot doing it and we only need it for simple checks out. Absolutely nothing fancy. We got this one bc it has good evaluations and was fairly priced. We opened it up and kapow. The first thing we see is 4 batteries. When was the last time something you got in fact came with batteries. Like we can truthfully state never ever. We set it up extremely rapidly w the manual which is easy to check out. We established time and date. We did our first read and it was in fact rather normal, which was good to see. Whole setup + check out took perhaps 3 minutes. Happy w our purchase and delighted to use it.

Bought this for our relative to use after her doctor desired her to monitor her high blood pressure. The machine is rather accurate for examining high blood pressure. The cuff is easy to place on on your own if needed. The system fasts to switch on and takes about 30 seconds to examine your high blood pressure and pulse. The disadvantage (well for us) is that the system takes 4 aaa batteries which implies to be about 30 high blood pressure which is 10 days if taking 3 times a day like our relative is doing. Furthermore, when you take the batteries out of the system you need to reset the clock bu luckily all the recordings we have up until now were conserved. Stars were lost for no power cord which we feel need to be consisted of because there is a port for charging and needing to reset the date and time whenever the makers batteries are takenout Ending this evaluation by offering the product a 4 stars due to the fact that in spite of the unfavorable we pointed out above this is in fact rather a good little system and well worth the expense.

Functions as marketed. Due to the fact that of the d-ring on the cuff, it is easy for a single person to put it on. There are enhancements to the software we would like such as the capability to erase specific readings. Some are incorrect due to having the cuff too loose, etc., however the only choice is to erase all records. The cuff pumps up to only somewhat beyond the systolic (top) pressure so it gets no tighter than needed for each reading. The system seems fairly accurate though we have yet to take it in to compare with the doctor’s. It’s extremely easy to use however. Just put on the cuff and press the start|stop button.

This item works well when plugged in, however when using the batteries offered, it didn’t work well. The cause for that might have been perhaps old batteries offered, or possibly this bp monitor just draws the life out of the 4 aa batteries offered, after just the preliminary set-up. We like that it can monitor two various individuals for as much as 500 readings each, and offers a typical bp, which is hassle-free. It likewise will inform you of an irregular heartbeat if discovered. The cuff is a good size and works well for both our man (average weight/ height) and ourself (height challenged, and large size weight). Good product and we would suggest if you aren’t challenged by the prolonged guidelines.

Easy to use and checked out the outcomes. Keeps a log of your outcomes. (can be kept for 2 users.) quick. Only con is the guidelines printed on the cuff. Rather puzzling. Uncertain how tight it needs to be. Instructions in the brochure are respectable, however do not deal with the cuff effectively. (arranged itout Cuff needs to be just tight enough so it does not moved off if you lower your arm.) our relative is rather pleased with the system also. Make certain you set the time and date prior to you begin. Otherwise the log will be off. We like this high blood pressure monitor quite. We suggest it extremely highly to anybody who requires one. We likewise purchased the carrying case (outstanding, fits completely) and the power adapter. (we purchased the vive to guarantee it is the right power and plug. ).

Although we needed to buy a bigger cuff to get any readings that were near accurate – we are larger man and we have biceps that are near 20″ in size – this system appears to work effectively for the rate. We picked it over other comparable systems due to the fact that the screen is backlit, easy to check out, and does not make our eyes bulge out when it remains in use. (well, nearly, however then, that’s the joy of having your high blood pressure inspected.) we have only had the system for a number of weeks, and we first went to our regional clinic to guarantee that we would have something to compare the readings to. Those first few readings were carried out with a smaller sized cuff, and were extremely raised. That stated, we can not talk about the longevity of the device at this time, however it is a sufficient system where we seem like we can use it on our own and, ideally, bring those outcomes to our clinic for a follow-up check out in a few weeks.

We have been waisting cash on a number of blood preasure monitors because we are 4-bypass open heart patient and need an accurate monitor and none were accurate so we encountered this little system from vive (never ever heard it prior to) and we just like it for its continuous accurate readings. We took it to our cardiologist and compared its reading from a professional system our dr. Utilizes and they were both right on. We even attempted it with a nurse and carried out precisely the like their professional system. And for it’s low rate, is amazing. Something, however, if you’re using it on external power like we are, if you detach it inadvertently, it will lose the date and time.

This is a great meter for home users. The meter takes aaa batteries or can additionally be plugged into the wall with a different power adapter. It lasts a few weeks on batter power, even taking readings nearly every day. The device is light and is easy to transportation. It shops readings for two various individuals and has a good, long memory. We were sceptical initially however other evaluates persuaded me. Our doctor was “certian” we have hypertension (even at an extremely young age) based upon only 4-5 readings taken at his workplace. These were taken at consultations where we were ill, concerned or stressed out, after driving in traffic, etc. And most likely not proper for a diagnosis. So, anyhow, required an aaffordable home meter to show him wrong. With a few weeks of history, we brought our meter to our doctor’s workplace. We compared readings side by side with their professional equipment and it was area on. We are grateful and would definitely suggest this to any other home user.

This purchase went as efficiently as we would anticipate from any supplier signed upwith We have evaluated the heart rate versus other adjusted equipment and it is +/- only one or 2 points. The bp is best on target. Getting this on your arm the very first time may be a technique, however just leave it loose and you can slide it right on and off. It fasts and the readout is super easy to see. We are using the batteries and we do not have an impression that they will last long, however it does have the choice of getting a dc pack to use with it. In general, this is a great product at a great rate.

We would provide this 5 stars if it came with the a/c adapter. It burns through a lot of batteries without one. On the other hand, we are rather happy with its accuracy. Our relative is a nurse and whenever she has inspected our high blood pressure after using the vive product, the readings were nearly similar. It’s easy to establish, easy to use, easy to check out, and a great help in monitoring one’s high blood pressure.

This is a truly good high blood pressure monitor. It in fact offers you a reading prior to it launches the pressure unlike others. 4 batteries came with it which we did not recognize up until a week later on. Buy a adapter, this is one recommended by the seller “slight touch a/c adapter for slight touch high blood pressure monitor st-401 and st-402” there are other’s too. What we do not like is that you need to shut off the device and back on to begin a fresh test (start and stop button in one). Can’ t figure out how to set the date and time. In general it’s a recommended buy if you can live with these minors. It works with the microlife s102- l large cuff likewise.

Could it be possible to get some sort of certificate of accuracy with the device? our relative attempted to use it today and got a reading of 250 over 130; we utilized it and it was normal for us. Attempted it once again on her and found that a great deal of the problem was that she is seriously scared of the pressure, and can not feel her fingers in that hand for a time later. After relaxing and teeth gritting, her bp was lower than mine. It is not something she will get utilized to, so we will use the wrist device. It checks out regularly 10 mmg greater than the arm cuff device.

We purchased this due to the fact that we have heart issues and we wished to have the ability to examine our high blood pressure on the go. It appears to work precisely and we like how portable it is. We are not a huge fan of wrist cuff monitors and this one does way better without using up much space. We likewise like that it conserves the readings so you can return and make note. We would provide this 5 stars other than whenever its not in use we take out a battery due to the fact that otherwise the tiniest knock in our knapsack will press the “start” button and it will attempt to inflate. If it had some sort of cover that safeguarded the buttons or some sort of lock switch that ‘d be wonderful. In general extremely satisified with our purchase.

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