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VKEY Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display

VKEY Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of VKEY Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display.

  • High Accuracy & Easy To Use ‘Ivkey high blood pressure monitor embraces intelligent pressure automatic measurement technology.This digital high blood pressure monitor device has an advanced measuring method that offers you not just the fastest reading approach however more significantly the most accurate one.The measuring procedure begins automatically as soon as pushing a button, super easy and hassle-free for home use, particularly for the seniors.
  • 198 Memory Mode & Double Users Mode ‘The Wrist high blood pressure monitor is two users mode and 99 memories for everyone, easily toggle to reading the memories for everyone.The measurement date and time will likewise be automatically tape-recorded, more simpler track your health information. The 2-PERSON Memory function is the best choice for family.
  • Large LCD Display with Backlight ‘The back-light LCD makes it easy to check out even in the dark and the color of screen can inform you extremely straight whether your high blood pressure is normal.Extra- large LCD display program plainly measurements as systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user. One-button start and energy-saving.
  • Compact and Portable ‘Stylish and small size match for daily use and carry with carrying case to ensure you can quickly carry your BP Cuff anywhere you go, and have the ability to record your heartbeat when doing different activities or taking a trip.
  • Plan Consisted Of & Guarantee ‘1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 2 x AAA Batteries, 1 x Storage Case,1 x Direction Manual, We offers 18 month genuine refund and return, professional 24 hours customer care.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VKEY Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display.

Question Question 1

Does The Plan Include The Batteries?

Dear Customer, Yes.The plan has 2 AAA batteries.Thank you.

Question Question 2

What Size Wrist Does It Fit?

Dear Customer, this wrist high blood pressure cuff fits wrist 5.3″ to 7.7″ in circumference.Suitable for all individuals’s wrist size. Please do not hesitate tobuy Thank you.

Question Question 3

What S The Best Position For Taking A Reading?

Dear customer, please follow the doctor tip: Sit directly with both feet on the flooring, wrist resting at the height of your heart. Unwind a few minutes, then take the reading. Do not consume, drink or smoke a minimum of 30 minutes prior to reading. Thank you.

Question Question 4

Fsa Qualified?


Question Question 5

Does It Feature An Adapter To Charge Or Plug In?If Not, What Kind Does It Use?

Dear customer, this sphygmomanometer can only be powered by 2 AAA saline batteries. It does not have a charging function and can not use an Air Conditioning adapter. Thank you.

Question Question 6

How Much Time Does It Take Roughly To Get A Reading?

It has to do with 40 seconds to get the reading.

Question Question 7

Blood Pressure Dis Plays P And 3Mmhg When In Use What Does It Mean?

p = pulse do not know what the other is

Question Question 8

Will This Fit An 8 Inch Wrist?

Dear Custoemr, Not appropriate, this Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can measure is 5.3in-7.7 in. Thank you.

Question Question 9

We Got Our Ivkey Wristband Blood Pressure Cuff And Can T Find Out How To Set The Time And Date. Can Anybody Help?

Dear Customer, thank you purchased ivkey wrist high blood pressure monitor.Below is the way to set the time and date: Setting your device1.Select the user Dear Customer, thank you purchased ivkey wrist high blood pressure monitor.Below is the way to set the time and date: Setting your device1.Select the userPress SET button for a minimum of 3 seconds, sign flashes.Press MEM button to pick in between user 1 and user 2.Press SET button to verify.2.Set the DateAfter pick the user, Year display screens and flashes.Press MEM button to increase the number by increments of one( hold MEM button to increase quicker).Press SET button tosettheyear, then Month display and flashes.Follow the treatment above to set the Month,Day,Hour,and Minute in order.3. Change On/Off the VoiceAfter setting the Minute, SP ON or SP OFF display screens and flashes. Press MEM button toswitch. SP ONwe ndicates that the voice function is on, and SP OFF isvoice off. PressSET button to confirm.After setting the Voice, PR ON or PR OFF display screens and flashes. Press MEM button toswitchPR ON is kPa, PR OFF is mmHg. Press SET button to confirm.Please do not hesitate to call our technical service( ivkey_tech@outlook.com), thank you.

Question Question 10

Bp Displays P And 3Mmhg What Does This Mean?

we do not know the response, sorry

Question Question 11

Does It Have Automatic Turn Off When Not In Use?

Dear Customer, YES.This wrist high blood pressure monitor will automatic shut down when not in use.Thank you.

Question Question 12

Can We Sned This To Our Moms and dad As Gift?

Dear Customer, yes.This wrist high blood pressure monitot is perfect to send out to your moms and dads as the gift.It’s extremely light and portable, extremely easy to use.Thank you.

Question Question 13

How Do We Switch On Voice?

Dear Customer, this wrist high blood pressure monitor didn’t have the voice.Thank you.

Question Question 14

Our Bp Monitor Showed Up Without A Manual.How Do We Get A Manual?

Dear Customer, Thank you purchased the BD from our store, we are extremely sorry for the problem that you have mentioned.Please do not hesitate to call us and we will send out the manual to you asap.Thank you.

Question Question 15

Does The Lcd Is Backlight?

Dear customer, this wrist high blood pressure monitor is3-color backlight LCD.The green ways normal, the orange implies a little high and the red ways high, particularly easy for the aged to read.Thank you.

Question Question 16

Does It Program On The Screen When Afib Is Discovered?

Dear Customer, the screen wiwe reveal the high blood pressure result.Thank you.

Question Question 17

Is Your Business Fda Registered?

we are customer, not a maker so not able to respond to the FDA question. As a customer, we use this meter two times daily and am extremely pleased with it.

Question Question 18

Does This Have Bluetooth?

No, it didn’t have the bluetooth.

Question Question 19

Does It Alert If Blood Pressure Is Too Low?

our high blood pressure was 105/55 There was no warning.

Question Question 20

Does It Matter What Wrist You Use?

No. However you ought to always use your leftarm. It closer to the heart.That what our dr. Informed us to do. Bit it will deal with both wrists.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on VKEY Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This bp monitor is simple to use and compact. We comes with batteries and it has a storage case so we can toss it right in our bag, which is hassle-free for inspecting our bp 3x a day when we are always on the go. Appears to be relatively accurate up until now also. We feel it is a good value.

We need to do daily measurements due to possible hypertension, the cuff has been area on. We were just notified by our relative not to cross our legs while measuring as it causes a restriction and a greater reading. We think you can teach an old pet new techniques. Love this device so fast and easy to use, keep it in our bag and use at work.

We have orthostatic hypotension so we wished to acquire a monitor to track our high blood pressure. It’s extremely easy to establish and use. It appears to be accurate. It’s small and portable and we like that it comes with a case. It’s perfect for our requirements.

Our high blood pressure has been out of control because our last child, which was 3 years earlier. We have been informed by our doctor that we ought to have a monitor on hand to inspect our bp throughout the day. However the idea of pulling out a monitor with a wire piece was a pain. We didn’t know they had a small wrist cuff wireless version that is small enough to suit your bag. This device is extremely easy to use and the accuracy is area on. We are extremely happy and we highly recommended this if you are looking for something less bulkier than the typical wired monitors.

We got this for our mother as an extra christmas happy. Hers was 16 years old. She just needed to alter her bp medications and we desired her to have easy, accurate and portable. Now she hasthat She likes it and the numbers are large sufficient she can see them. And it s small enough for her to hve no reason for not carrying with her. Thanks for a great product at a great rate. Assurance for us.

Extremely hassle-free, easy to use, accurate, comfy, and compact. Certainly advise.

We have had this product for nearly a week now and have found great use of it. It s a great product for the rate and we truly like the green, yellow, red screen colors that likewise let you know your existing standing with the readings. Would advise for a great, small in your home use.

We enjoy this little wrist high blood pressure monitor. It has a great little case. We are putting it with our travel emergency treatment kit. It s perfect.

The first monitor we got was faulty. Nevertheless with the help of a business with great customer care a replacement was made and this machine is great. All expectations are satisfied. Practical to use. Accurate.

We have had problem with hypertension throughout pregnancy so we bought this. This device is so convenient and easy to use and offers us comfort since we can inspect it at nearly at any time.

This wrist automatic blood pressure monitor is fantastic. We had hypertension readings each time we went to the doctor, however we truly felt that it was simply an effect of going to the doctor. So our doctor asked us to get a high blood pressure monitor, bring it to the workplace to verify that it checked out the like the nurse. We found this one with a great rate, and took it to our doctor’s workplace. It checked out exactly the like the nurse’s blood pressure reading. The guidelines are easy to follow and setup only took a minute or 2.

This is by far the very best high blood pressure measurement device we have evaluated in this rate range. It is remarkably constant in between measurements (varies a few percent) and it is accurate compared to a current test at our doctor s workplace. It is extremely easy to run – press one button and it looks after the rest. It is rather comfy for us with thin wrists and works just as well on our hubby s thicker wrist. The design is smooth and appears extremely durable.

This bp machine is perfect. We are 33 weeks pregnant and continuously anxious about having hypertension. It s so compact and has a great carrying case making it easy for us to bring it to locations with me.

So simple to use just include the batteries that are consisted of an it does it’s thing. Easy to comprehend an know your reading. Excellent quality. We enjoy how it’s so simple on your wrist. We enjoy it do not make us seem like we got something locked on our wrist you know you can take it outoff easy a placed on easy. So grateful we got it this is our best we ever have got.

Our father who formerly had no heart history just had open heart surgical treatment for a formerly unidentified hereditary heart issue. So viewing as he has never ever been on heart and high blood pressure medications and has no genuine background in it, we desired something simple and reliable. This works. He can put it on and run it quickly. He tape-records the numbers for us to track (we are an icu nurse by trade). And patterns up until now are affordable for his condition and show the consistency of theproduct In addition, it takes standard aaa batteries so it will be easy sufficient to keep it running a long period of time.

It comes with a great white case to store it. The machine it s self it s small and lightweight even with the batteries set up. The screen is huge and truly easy to check out and comprehend. Depend upon the reading the screen modification color so for hypertension the screen turn red, moderate yellow and normal green. It s truly easy to use and it s trouble free.

We need to take our high blood pressure numerous times a day, however disliked doing it since the cuff was unpleasant and squeezed way too hard for some factor (we have huge loose and flabby arms, so that’s most likely why). This is a great solution forthat It goes on your wrist, and never ever gets too tight. It’s accurate and easy to use/set up. We can likewise inspect our bp during the night without troubling our pets or our sleeping child. If we use the cuff – that loud noise the velcro makes when you take it off always awakens our puppy and she gets frightened. This machine does not have that loud velcro noise.

This system is simple and easy to use, just strap it on, struck the on button and relax. No bothersome arm cuffs, accurate and simple to use, shops memory for various individuals etc.

We think the accuracy is doubtful, however it’s close sufficient for referencing changes throughout the day. We do nevertheless want it beeped when it was done, so we would not need to move our arm to inspect if it was done.

We purchased this product for our mother-in-law, who has been having some health problems recently. This compact product is easy to use, the readout has a bigger number display (which is valued for older users) and when we took it with her to her medical professionals consultation today to compare it was a specific match to their monitor. Would absolutely advise.

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