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Welch Allyn Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff

Welch Allyn Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff, Adult

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Welch Allyn Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff, Adult.

  • Integrated design
  • Premium inflation system
  • Latex- free

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Welch Allyn Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff, Adult.

Question Question 1

We Want To Know If This Product Includes The Case Or Not, Or If Is Only The Sphygmomanometer?

No case, Ivana, just the sphygmomanometer.

Question Question 2

Does It Has Some Way To Modification The Cuff? Or We Can Use Only With This?? We Are Pediatrician, So We Have To Use Differents Sizes OfCuff Thank You?

no there is not a way to alter cuffs.we would recommend a handheld aneroid one.there are some on with various cuff sizes.

Question Question 3

What Colos Is This? Black, White Or Gray?

dark blue cuff with white tubing, much like the photo

Question Question 4

What Is The Warranty On This Product?

This Welch Allyn item has a 5-Year Calibration Warranty

Question Question 5

We Check Out In The Evaluations That The Gauge Does Not Turn 360 Degrees. Is This True?

No, it turns 360.

Question Question 6

We This Product Latex Free?

Yes, according to Welch Allyn, it is latex free for patient safety.

Question Question 7

What Size Arm Does The Cuff Fit? Can Various Sized Cuffs Be Utilized With This Design?

The size of this one is the routine (adult cuffs are from 25-34 Cms) we think however we are not sure that exact same top quality and design cuffs might fit on this one, however do not know if they’re offered individually so look even more on that.

Question Question 8

Can We Change The Sizes Of Cuffs With A Pediatric One?

You needs to have the ability to as long as the valve on the peds cuff works.

Question Question 9

Is Is Include The Insuflation Bulb?

Precisely as you see the foto. Yes.

Question Question 10

What Product Is The Cuff Made Of? Is It Soft Plastic Or Permeable Poly Blend Material?

its more plastic-like. you could clean it down if need be

Question Question 11

Do You Have Purple Color With Shock Evidence Bell In Welchallyn Pressurecuff?


Question Question 12

Can We Change Out Sizes Of Cuffs? Simply put, Can The Flexiport Be Unclipped & Utilized On Another Sized Cuff? Like A Welch Allyn Pediatric Cuff?

Yes youcan however we would suggest if you have the spending plan to have it separately.we are unsure if the system will last much.

Question Question 13

Do You Need A Stethoscope With This?

Yes. However if you have some experience you can take it with your fingers. Take a look at YouTube a video about how to measure the BP without stethoscope. our personal encourage is to buy a stethoscope or the combo rather this one.

Question Question 14

Is It The Entire Piece Or Just The Gauge?

Is tbe whole piece much like photo

Question Question 15

How Is The Bundle? Is The Traditional White Box? Thanks?

yes, ours can be found in a flat/square white box

Question Question 16

Hi Is The Gauge Removable? Im Trying To Find The Very Same Item We Had When We Remained In Nursing School:-RRB- We Can Even Modification The Color Of The Sphygmo Gauge.?

obviously youcan you can disconnect the dial.and plug it in another arm band.the sphygmo gauge we are unsure if you can alter the color.anyways.its a great product.

Question Question 17

We Want To Know If It Can Be Found In Another Color Than Grayish-White Like Blue For Instance?

The ds44-11 does be available in blue this is a stock picture and blue is size 11

Question Question 18

Where Is This Made?

we have no concept. What we cam inform you is that we have it for years now y this thing holds up and works like a champ.

Question Question 19

What’S The Distinction In Between The Ds 44-11 And The Ds 44-11 V?

DS 44-11 includes Gauge with Durable one-piece AdultCuff DS 44-11 V includes Gauge with Durable One-piece Adult Cuff, includes color bumper range pack.

Question Question 20

Does This Include The Bulb? Or Does That Need To Be Ordered Separately?

we are unsure what do you indicate by bulb? It is precisely as it appears in the photo, you will need a stethoscope to be able to examine the high blood pressure, otherwise you do not need anything else, it is a great product

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Welch Allyn Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff, Adult, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the lightest bp cuff we have ever utilized. Loads down small (among the factors we got this kind of cuff), accurate reading, however it takes some time to get utilized to the manometer (you need to twist it when you alter arms).

We like these over the fabric style for ease of cleaning. We keep this in our thigh pocket when running 911 trucks, that way we are not fishing for a bp cuff. Less bulk and weight than a standard cuff. We didn’t know how pricey they are untill our first one (which was provided to me) vanished with lifestar while pressurizing a saline bag. We returned to a routine cuff, however we needed to cavern and buy another amongthese Highly suggest for ems work. Not perfect, however rather good.

Greatproduct This is an adult routine bp cuff. Next measure would be the red large adult cuff for bigger clients(not consisted of). Tubing & gauge reader snaps out quickly and can be snapped into a welch s smaller sized( green) or bigger( red) bp cuff. Yes comes with bladder inside. Interchangeable. To keep reading either arm simply just turn the gauge upside down to get artery marker on ideal arm or left arm. Easy.

We utilized this 5 days a week for 6 months. It works great, we think that if we were to buy once again we would get the traditional cuff or an automatic. The set gauge was at times tough to envision if a patient remained in bed and we were standing.

Hey men. You know what we dislike? attempting to hold our stethoscope, the insuflator, and the pressure gauge at the exact same time. You know you dislike it too. Why do medical schools offer those ones. Most likely just to abuse medical trainees. Anyhow, buy this one, you will not regret it.

Hard to examine bp on your own due to the fact that the meter gauge numbers and position hard to check out. So we need 2nd individual to examine our bp with me. However this work completely no breakdown.

These welch allyn ds44-11 gauge with durable one piece cuff, adult were bought as replacements for the brand we generally use in workplace. These have proven to be more durable than the other systems.

It is excellent product, we like that it can be utilized with ease, besides it is comfy for the patient.

This one works. Been bouncing around in our bag at heat and has not broken down or lost its calibration. It folds flat and it is cleanable with soap and water. Likewise its lightweight Gon na get another quickly. Never ever take anything in the field ya can’ t manage to loose.

Welch allyn is the gold standard and this product is perfect up there street. We have had it for practically a year and we use it frequently it works great and we have never ever had any concerns with it.

Functions well and accurate. We have inspected it versus a more pricey welch allyn tycos design.

The item came with enough direction to make a newbie user comfy and able to use it. It is not sturdy product, however for home use has been great. The cuff size fits an arm that is too small to use any of the typically readily available high blood pressure machine cuffs and must have the small cuff at the doctor’s workplace. It is not large adequate for a large guy’s arm, nevertheless. If your family has both extremes in size, you will need more than one cuff.

It is practical and easy to use. Particularly light weight and can fit in a small case. Good for on the wards, centers or workplace.

Excelente producto, calidad y buena manucfatura.

Extremely accurate. As a nurse, this is just perfect. Well adjusted.

Its super lightweight, easy to carry, we like it.

Excelente producto. Tener en cuenta los tamaños de los brazaletes.

Our sibling is verey delighted with it.

It’s a good bp cuff we would really highly recommended for usdical trainees.


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