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YAGALA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

YAGALA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Waterproof Step Counter

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YAGALA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Waterproof Step Counter.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Large Touch Screen: This Fitness Tracker comes with a 1.3″ color touch screen which offers you a better visual experience, you can check in-depth fitness information reports such as your daily heart rate chart and calories chart on the watch without going to the app. And furthermore, 4 stylish high delicate large HD color screen user interfaces can be selected, there’s always one for you.
  • 24 * 7 Heart Rate & Auto Sleep Monitoring: 24 * 7 heart rate monitoring permits you to inspect your heart rate anytime. With Auto sleep monitoring, you can know your sleep quality from our VeryFitPro app to enhance your regimen and discover health patterns.
  • All- day Activity Tacking & 14 Sports Modes: This smart watch can track your all-day activities like steps, calories burned and range. You can inspect the sports Calendar and 50 current sports records from this watch. 14 sports modes help you better comprehend particular activity information( Only reveal 8 modes, you need to set it in VeryFitPro App).
  • Call & Message Notifications: You can get calls, app messages, and SMS messages from this fitness watch. It will never ever let you miss out on any essential things and make your life effective and organized. You can turn down a call (responding to a call is not supported) and read to 10 messages on your wrist.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on YAGALA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Waterproof Step Counter.

Question Question 1

What Is The Call Of App?Is It Found In The Google Play Store?

The app is VeryFit, you could download it from the QR code on the manual or google play store

Question Question 2

How To Modification Watch User Interface?

Swipe left and right, down and as much as alter the user interface. Brief press the button on the right to return the previous user interface, long press to begin the watch or exist the function.

Question Question 3

Video How To Set Up Lagalasmart Phone?

Browse the web and the video will reveal you how to do it.

Question Question 4

Can You Text Back Using Tge Watch?

this watch only has a text reminder function, not a text function

Question Question 5

Does It Link To Iphones?

Yes, it can be linked to iPhones and Android phone

Question Question 6

How Does The Cam Work For This Watch? Do You Need To Place A Sd Card?

Dear buddy, this watch does not support cam function.

Question Question 7

Does It Monitor Blood Pressure?

Yes, the watch monitors high blood pressure

Question Question 8

Is This Compatible With The Iphone?

Yes, it compatibles with the iPhone and android phone.

Question Question 9

Does This Monitor Blood Pressure? The Seller Reacted It Does However 2 Others Stated It Only Monitors HeartRate Just Want To Make Certain. Thanks.?

It does permit you to inspect your high blood pressure. we would not rely to highly on the outcomes though. They are more of a reference and not as accurate as a real high blood pressure cuff.

Question Question 10

Can You Modification The Wristband?

Dear buddy, yes you can alter the wristband

Question Question 11

Does This Deal With Snapchat?


Question Question 12

Puedo Entrenar Tabata Con Este Reloj?


Question Question 13

Can We Use An Iphone Charger Or A Samsung Charger With This Watch?

Dear buddy, it comes with a charger, another iPhone charger or a Samsung charger can’ t be utilized.

Question Question 14

How To Put In Tennis Mode?

This watch has varity of sport alternatives, includes running, strolling, bike, treking, climbing up, treadmill, spinning, etc.

Question Question 15

Can You In Fact Recieve Calls As It States In The Description?

the watch has a phone reminder function, (responding to a call is not supported)

Question Question 16

Is It Easy To View Your Heart Rate Throughout An Exercise?

Dear buddy, you might inspect the information on the app.

Question Question 17

Does It Have A Calendar Reminder? What Is The Minimum Wrist Size?

Yes, it has a calendar reminder.

Question Question 18

How Dosage It Cash Your Heart Rate?

The sensor on the back of the watch does it.

Question Question 19

How Far Can The Watch Travel From The Connected Phone And Get Messages?

It has to do with 10 meters far.

Question Question 20

Can You Use Watch And All It’S Functions Without Downloading App On Phone?

You might use basic functions without downloading the app on phone, more information and functions need to be switched on on the phone.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on YAGALA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Waterproof Step Counter, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have only been using this watch for 12 hours however we have currently fallen in love. For the cost you pay, you can not beat the benefits. As quickly as we got the watch, we downloaded the app, and it connected to our phone rapidly. There are 4 settings for the home screen alternatives. We went with the default choice, as it was most calming to me. You can decide to do the “wrist sense choice”. This choice will reveal you the time when you turn the watch towards you. However we found that it was always revealing the time at every motion of your wrist. To conserve our battery, we decided to not turn this choice on. We just simply press the button on the ideal side of the watch and we can see the time. Our task began this wellness program and they ask you to monitor your steps, heart rate, and sleep – so this watch was perfect for us. And like we stated, you can’ t beat the cost. We likewise have a 7 month old child who is awakens a few times per night, so we wished to monitor just how much sleep we in fact get. When we read some of the frequently asked questions in the app, it specified that the sleep track function may not work properly if you get up through the night, however the first night – it did monitor the sleep although we needed to stroll downstairs for a bottle after the one we were using sprung a leak. We believed for sure that it would toss it off so we were really stunned today when it kept an eye on the 7 hours. You are likewise able to see who is calling when a call comes through to your phone. You can’ t response it, however you are able to ignore the call. A benefit to us was that we had the ability to establish that that our messages and e-mails come through to the watch. Once again, you can’ t address them, however you can read them. There is likewise an alternative for fb messenger and instagram notifications. We likewise established the alarm choice through the app. For this choice to work, you need to use the watch to sleep, however the watch will vibrate in the early morning to wake you up. As a back up, we set the alarm on our phone to go off 5 minutes after even if it was the very first time we utilized it, however the watch alarm worked completely. You seriously can not fail with this watch. If you want the basic health readers and the capability to get notifications to your watch – get this watch. For $30, you truly can not beat the value you get for the cost. Modify * it likewise tracks ovulation and your duration. We forgot it asked us for our last duration when we set it up. The other day it appeared and informed us our ovulation remained in two days. With two children under 2 and no strategies for another child, it is great to be familiar with this lol.

We had another less expensive fitness watch of and we disliked it. This watch blows it out of the water for around the very same cost. We personally got this watch for basic functions. We wish to see how we are sleeping (mom of 3 small individuals and new pup). We wished to watch our heart rate. We are wished to have the ability to see who was calling us prior to we race downstairs to get our phone we left on table while doing laundry and we wished to keep better track of time. This watch for all these things. And it hadmore Among the important things we established was a lack of exercise reminder. We wish to know if when we need to move. Set up was super easy. There’s both an app and directions they likewise have disclaimer info about your personal privacy and info prior to you use. The charger is super easy to use. It’s likewise waterproof. Which is great for the mama zombie that we are that forgets to take things off prior to getting in the shower. In general, we are super amazed with the cost we paid vs the quality of functions this watch had. We will not compare it to an apple or fitbit due to the fact that we do not own those. However head basic functions are plenty sufficient for us.

Prospairing was easy. The watch is comfy. It’s easy to forget you’re using it. We like that it’s waterproof. It has all the exercise alternatives we need, consisting of weight training, running, strolling, treadmill, biking, and others, consisting of sports, plus has a stop-watch function. We evaluated the heart rate monitor while on the treadmill at the fitness center, and it seems just as accurate. And we like that it vibrates and shows telephone call, messages, and alarms– we leave our phone on silent all the time, and in some cases do not feel the vibration in our pocket. The manual is really comprehensive and the app is clear and appears to have a great deal of performance. The music control function works with music (and most likely other gamers), and not just itunes. Conswe dream there were more home screen wants to pick from.

Band feels more like watch quality. Thicker, double clasp, more rubber feel than silicone, and huge sufficient for large wrists. Real estate is metal and face is glass unlike the inexpensive plastic systems. Touch screen is responsive, battery lasts long time, and app is easy to follow and helpful. Tracker snaps into charger for charging unlike the inexpensive magnetic systems. Accuracy appears to be respectable for a non-medical grade device. Sleep tracker is rather impressive at how close it is. App does permit for some modification of functions. If you are looking for a fitness tracker attempt this one. It just works.

This watch does whatever it markets. Gps tracking is accurate. Gets call and text signals. Sleep tracking works and is accurate. Syncing to a phone was easy and remains linked without problem. The only thing we are not keen on is the restricted variety of watch home screens.

We are quite happy with this watch. We purchased it primarily to track our sleep and steps. We were worried the watch might trouble us while we were sleeping however we forgot it existed. The watch is easy to use and it was simply to match it with our iphone and the app. We like the unwind function which will take you through breathing strategies. The alarm function is good. It calmly wakes us up by vibrating. In general, good for the cost.

This watch is incredible, specifically for the cost. The app works great with our samsung galaxy s10 It reveals calls messages, e-mails etc., whatever you like linked. The battery lasts about 7 days. All functions are quite accurate, absolutely can’ t grumble.

We got this watch and it was easy to establish and use the veryfitpro app. Up until now, the watch is easy to browse through and find the special functions like the steps counter, weekly overall of steps, unwind function, and other activity tracking functions. One outstanding function is the battery life. We have not utilized other includes yet however, we are happy with our purchase.

This is a great device. Long battery life just over 10 days prior to it requires to be charged. We delighted in the personal settings and adjustable function.

This is a great fitness watch. It s easy to use. The battery life is great and it operates well.

Functions great. Primarily for us we have been taking a look at our sleep cycle. We use the app veryfitpro with the watch. We use this daily.

Does in addition to our fitbit versa.

Your remark is too brief.

We have owned other smart watches and one was good however was over $150 00, the other one was $65 00 however it continued to have concerns and the business did not support theirproduct This smart watch does whatever the others more costly variations only better.

Functions well, links quickly and easy to establish. Appears of good quality.

Great for the cash.

Im so inlove with our watch. It perfect. No cons at all.

Functions truly well. Can be utilized for fitness tracking really efficiently. Stand out function is sleeponitor which is accurate interms of overall sleep.

No issue.

Wonderful gift.

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