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YoYoFit Cube Smart Watch with Heart Rate

YoYoFit Cube Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker with Music Player Control

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YoYoFit Cube Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker with Music Player Control.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Daily Activity Tracking & Heart Rate Monitor ‘The fitness watch will Track your daily exercise consist of steps, calories, range. Measure your heart rate in vibrant mode or fixed mode as you want. Measure your light and deep sleep time, help you to form a good sleep routine.
  • Multi-Sports Mode & Connected GPS ‘7 exercise modes can record your exercise time, steps, calories and heart rate. Assisting you better comprehend particular activity information. Link the GPS on your phone can reveal run status like speed, range and record a map of your exercise path. Set a fitness objective on your watch, inspire yourself to move.
  • Calls Alert, SMS & SNS Notification ‘By linking with your cell phone through the CC Band APP. Set it up, you can get calls alert, turn down call and SMS & SNS notification and material. It will be really practical when it is not hassle-free to take your phone out or you do not wish to miss out on anything essential.
  • Music Player Control and Remote Electronic Camera ‘Just link the phone, you will control the music player (Spotify, Pandora, Noise cloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music) which you can embeded in your preliminary use.Think of it like an remote-control system which can control your phone video camera to take a picture without needing to touch your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on YoYoFit Cube Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker with Music Player Control.

Question Question 1

Every Time We Open The App For Some Factor It Keeps Beeping (Notification Noise) Generally Every Two Seconds. How Do We Stop That? It’S Actually Frustrating.?

we would call client service

Question Question 2

How Do You Order The Large Band When You Order Your Watch?

No concept

Question Question 3

Does The Display Remains On At All Times?

Thank you for your questions. No, The screen goes out automatically within a certain time. You can open the Wrist Sense function, the The screen turn on automatically when yourraise your wrist.Any question even more or warranty, please reach our website iyoyofit.com or e-mail. us@iyoyofit.com

Question Question 4

How Come When We Send Out A Text Message There Is No Notification On The Watch?

Is the your phone’s app properly linked to the watch? If so, attempt search the app and click the icon for usssaging and turn on the authorizations. You must enable the app to send your message notifications to the watch for it to work.

Question Question 5

How Do You Modification The Watch Face?

You enter into settings, there are 4 various watch deals with.

Question Question 6

How Do You Charge The Battery?

There is a charger. Takes While. If you do the analogical face, you never ever know just how much battery you have left

Question Question 7

Does This Watch Link To Samsung Health To Track Steps?

No, it can’ t working with Samsung health directly.If any question even more, please do not hesitate to call us via.us@yoyo-fit.cn

Question Question 8

Actually Work For Monitor The Blood Pressure?

we had a physicians consultation today and our high blood pressure was 120/70 and our meter revealed 117/75The nurse stated even if you invest $400 on an Apple watch, it’s never ever going to be precise.The nurse believed it was rather comparable.we discovered something about this monitor the last few weeks.SYNC OFTEN.

Question Question 9

Does The Watch Program Heart Rhythm As Well As Heart Rate?

Thank you for your questions. You can checked out the heart rate on the watch.Any question even more or warranty, please reach our website iyoyofit.com or e-mail. us@iyoyofit.com

Question Question 10

It Remains On Red Will Not Charge Ugh Idk What To Do It States It’S Charging However The Battery Indication Doesn’T Doesn’T Move?

our only response would is that if you have the charger attached properly, it ought to charge.if it does not send it back.you most likely have a faulty one.

Question Question 11

Where Can You Get The Manual?

go to their site and search for it; there is a pdf available.we asked them to send us one thru Messenger, and they did.

Question Question 12

Can You Use This In The Shower?

You could. would we encourage it, most likely not. we did fully submerge mine and it still works fine.

Question Question 13

Can You Download Tunes In The Watch?

No, it can just control your music player on your phone to reach last/next tune or time out it.If any question even more, please do not hesitate to call us via.us@yoyo-fit.cn

Question Question 14

Will This Deal With Iphone6?

Thank you for your questions. Yes, it can work with iphone6.Any question even more or warranty, please reach our website iyoyofit.com

Question Question 15

Is It Waterproof?

Thank you for your questions. The watch waterproof is Life waterproof, you can use it when you clean your hand or walk in rain. Any question even more or warranty, please reach our website iyoyofit.com or e-mail. us@iyoyofit.com

Question Question 16

How Do We Get It To Count Steps? It Is Not Counting Steps Out Of The Box.?

Did you fully charge it and sync it with your phone?

Question Question 17

Is This Watch Water Evidence Or Water Resistant?

They promote it is not waterproof; it will endure a rain storm or cleaning meals and splashing.we would not use it swimming.

Question Question 18

How Long Is The Band?

Thank you for your question. The band long is 4.72 inch and the 3.54 inch. Any question, you can contact us.

Question Question 19

Can You Modification The Bands?

Yes, you can buy a replacement band from this link: https://www..com/dp/B085 ZV25 HF?ref= ouri_title_dp

Question Question 20

What Replacement Bands Would Fit This Watch?

Thank you for your questions. The band does not have replacement band yet. If we have, we will upgrade the information on the product page.Any question even more or warranty, please reach our website iyoyofit.com or e-mail. us@iyoyofit.com

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on YoYoFit Cube Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker with Music Player Control, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are so happy with this purchase. We have formerly bought other premium and value brand smart watches in the past and had absolutely nothing however concerns (even had some leave burn marks on our wrist) however this is without a doubt our favorite. It not only tracks your steps however you can likewise inspect your heart rate, high blood pressure, sleep patterns, andmore It likewise has a function to get text and facebook messages so you can still stay in contact with your enjoyed ones if you forget your phone in your home. When you first get it the watch is available in a great box so it would make a great gift. It comes with an user’s manual and you sync it with an app on your call fundo. The established was so easy to do. You can likewise control your music player and use the button on it to take pictures on your phone. We likewise enjoy that the purple strap includes a bit of the womanly side to the watch. It is likewise made extremely well. We went to the zoo today in 100 degree weather condition and it the band did not aggravate our skin or cause any pain. If you are thinking about buying a smart watch this is the perfect one. It has all the functions of the super costly ones for half the rate. We highly suggest this smartwatch.

We just recently broke our apple watch and we didn’t wish to invest the $400+ dollars to get a new one so we found this one. Great watch. Long battery life, great screen brightness and fits extremely well. We have a smaller sized wrist and due to the fact that of the flexible band it comes with it had the ability to quickly fit our wrist with ease. The only thing we want to see altered is browsing using the screen. With an apple watch you can rapidly tap anywhere on the screen to turn it on or swipe either of the edges to alter in between watch deals with. With this you need to continue the middle bottom of the screen to move in between screens. This, in the beginning, can be a bit disorienting however after a few days of using it we didn’t discover. It likewise incorporates with your phone for usssages, and music. And to link your phone is quite direct. In general a great watch for the rate and truthfully it looks really comparable to an apple watch so it might even deceive your buddies.

We are really lazy. We do not go to the fitness center however rely mainly on doing home work such as cooking, cleaning and walking throughout the day to keep fit. 5 ‘2 and 102 pounds. Nevertheless, just recently we have been feeling our energy level is low and did not sleep well. Our pal recommended us to begin running or use fitness center bike machine. We likewise chose to buy this watch to monitor our exercise quantity and our sleep. When this gotten here, it is 75% charged currently however we charged it to 100% prior to using it. Then we downloaded the app and sync it. If you do not download app, there is no chance you can alter the time. It synchronizes to your phone time automatically. We can not stop inspecting our steps every few minutes and it made us wish to do more to fill the circle. In general, we like this gizmo, we do not need the phone message reminder and so on however it exists if you need it. We generally just wish to monitor our steps. The inactive alert advises you to get up and move a bit. Up until now, we have been preserving a 3500 steps daily and routine high blood pressure level and 98% oxygen rate. We wish to challenge 4000 steps next. We understand it may not be a lot for some however it is development for us. It is our personal fitness instructor.

Our relative had been using her “up” and “upmove” jawbone fitness trackers for years and she delighted in the functions in addition to the “style” declaration that occurred with using them in public on her wrist – well jawbone practically went out of business and they closed down the information services that ran the apps so those things are essentially paperweights at this moment – so we were on the marketplace to get her something new for our anniversary. Long story brief – she likes this blue-green yoyofit smart watch – most likely the very best thing we might have gotten for her, here are few things that she likes about it:1) appears like an apple watch – practically everybody she faces believes it is one, and we just smile at each other due to the fact that we ‘d have been tricked too – who requires among those costly things when you can get among these for a portion of the cost2) user interface is simple – easy to use – few functions. All she requires is the time, and the number of steps she’s taken – whatever else is a benefit – she likes the display you get all that information ideal away3) does not need an information service or “the cloud” to store information – all the information is saved right there on the watch, or in the app – you essentially just need the app to manage the information saved on the watch – alter the time, etc – you do not have worry of the app vanishing as once it is set up on your phone it will not disappear unless you erase itbasically if you want a simple way to inform the time (like a watch) and track your steps (like a fitness tracker) we seem like this is the very best offer out there – whatever else has a lot of functions, and might end up being outdated.

So it should run you through a tutorial that states brief and long taps will run the watch. We called and the client service line was out of order. We sent out an e-mail and got a quick response informing us what we need to know and directing us to the online user manual. So if you have music currently using your phone, a long hold will choose the play or time out (or any of the buttons) brief taps move you in between the options. To use remote video camera shutter open the app and then long press, you’ll hear a cam shutter – a cam screen will open on your phone. Then use another long press to from another location snap a picture. Blood pressure, heart rate functions are great. The sleep recording was accurate on the night we had the band tight enough. Showered with it on and it is waterproof. For the rate is’ t quite amazing. It’s a pauper’s smart watch. We have not had a call yet to test addressing a call however we had the ability to see who was calling and our text vibrate and do appear on the screen. This is among our preferred products used to us to examine. Disadvantages: quite sure it does not have all the functions of apple watch and it’s just a bit larger. We are sure we will use this as an incentive to keep moving throughout the day. An objective prize appeared on the screen and we have no concept why.

Had this for about a week and here are the pros: easy to check out display, really bright and clear. We enjoy that it determines bp which is very important to us and the battery life is ah-mazing. We have only charged it when and it is still going strong. We like the functions that it uses such as linking with your phone (we have a galaxy s9plus) for calls and messages. Likewise the rate is very reasonable and expense effective when compared to apple watches and some fit bits. Cons: the guidelines are very little. The minwe manual essentially states. Charge it, download the app and good luck. The app isn’t really explanatory either. Connecting it with our bluetooth took way longer than it ought to have and needing to link/save each page of the app was strange. And we are not an amateur. It does not even inform you simple things such as how to advance from one screen to another. So established was a bit aggravating in addition to finding out how to “work” with it however we think we are mastering it. Lastly, accuracy– as you see in the pic it states ive taken no steps. Its practically 9am. We have been up considering that 6, repaired our coffee, got our computer system from our office, been the restroom etc. Uhhh. So we will offer it another week. General: its a good deal for the rate. If you have desired an apple watch or something comparable this is the perfect starter watch. We hope they get more colors however, some neutrals like black, gray, white, or beige. You can’ t use a pink or teal watch with whatever.

Up until now with 2 1/2 days of use it still wont sync to text and the only choice we have for twitter, e-mail and facebook is to share our information, although in the list of choices on the other page it s lists whatsapp, instagram and so on to link your accounts so you can get notifications however how we don t know besides turning a switch. Up until now we would state the watch is still worth it for the sleep tracking and the bp, hr (no blood oxygen just your beat) and step counting. The app is easy to use and the device is easy to establish however we can see how it s really 50/50 on whether you get a good watch or not. So it s a gamble in our viewpoint. We have reset the device when to see if it would sync our text and such however it didn’t work and the firmware choices on the app both just offer us a mistake message too so?????? edit/update: client service has been great in assisting us fix this watch, we lastly got it to sync with our sms and we are dealing with twitter and facebook as we can only share our watch information and we are not into doingthat Our original declaration remains the exact same that it s a gamble with the watch however we increased our star score as now we have more includes on our watch now. Stay tuned for updates.

A samsung equipment this is not. Nevertheless for the rate we were really satisfied with both the build quality and the quantity of functions. The battery life is great. We can escape with about 2 days prior to we need to charge it. This is with fairly routine use of the watch to control our phone. We use the watch as a cam trigger for taking videos in addition to for sending out messages to individuals. The app appears to work well. We have not had any issues with the app crashing or not working. Our only problem is the band. These silicone bands are not something we like to have on our wrist. We will be changing it quickly. For the most part its not terrible however we would choose a fabric or material band. We have bought another and will use the helpful quick modification pins they use. The styling is modern-day and looks comparable to an apple watch. The rounded corners and normal density bezel are attractive. If you need an inexpensive fitbit/samsung equipment stand-in that will finish the job without appearing like you have garbage on your wrist, this is a good choice.

* this product was talented to me, however our viewpoints are our own * this watch is available in a pouch within a box with very little guidelines. The guidelines inform you to download the app to link your phone to the watch through bluetooth. From there, it’s really simple to use with no guidelines. There are very little buttons and whatever you need to track on your phone, you can check with a simple swipe or “integrate” button. This is really friendly to individuals who aren’t tech savvy. Pros- easy to use ui- can alter the time style on the watch (5 various designs)- easy to clean due to the fact that of wristband product- can use the watch as a remote control to take pictures from your phone- really adjustable wristband size. We have small wrists, so it’s hard to find bracelets and watches that fit us wellcons- we want the messaging notifications altered with the style designs, however that’s just us being nitpicky. In general, this is a great watch for fitness tracking and/ or individuals who aren’t tech savvy.

We purchased this watch for our relative and she likes it due to the fact that of the style. We think it’s well created. It works extremely well up until now. Charging is easy, however takes number of hours and thus we do it over night. The battery lasts about 2 days with long-term heart rate and high blood pressure on. Sensor appears to provide accurate worths. Linking to the app is easy and super fast, however in some cases it takes a bit long to get information provided and then we can’ t alter the alarm time, however normally we have two various times – one for weekdays and one for weekends and do not need to alter them on a daily base and thus is normally no issue. Among the best things on this watch is the really strong vibration alarm which always wakes our relative up quickly and she’s can be hard to awaken. The app is among the very best we have ever seen for fitness watches due to the fact that it has great introductions of all the measurements for days, weeks, months and even years. I’ v never ever seen something comparable anywhere.

Gorgeous color user interface. Provided with front and back screens covered with protector. Watch deserves a lot more than the rate. Cinema, smooth band, does not bring in dust. There are 4 various faces to pick from, depending upon what you like to continuously inspect monitor (clock/heart rate/steps/date/ temperature/battery life/seconds count). There is a power button on the side and one main scroll touch button. Can either press the side button or face your wrist to wake the screen. Has an activity tracker and a sleep monitor. Reveals pulse and high blood pressure. Has a find our phone function. We can play music, avoid tunes, and press the video camera button right on the watch. (very helpful for commutes and journeys.) if notifications do not sync after watch is switched on, unpair and repair work once again. Functions well with iphone. Informs you when it is fully charged. Lasts 5 days on one charge.

We have been using this watch for about a week now and like it. The batter life is great, we have only charged it when up until now and it’s still going strong. It’s good looking and not too large, we feel comfy using it to work and having it look professional. Some others we have seen are substantial and obnoxious and we would not use them to work. The bands are likewise easy to remove and on if you wish to alter them. It’s not the most convenient to figure out how to use which is why we deducted a star, it came with a flying start guide however that wasn’t enough, so we browsed the web and got the user manual which was great. Make certain when combining it you match it from the watch app, not from your bluetooth app, it will not sync otherwise. Great watch for the rate.

This is an enjoyable little watch. There are great deal of functions like a fitness tracker, step tracker (which is quite accurate), heart monitor and 5 screen changes. You change screens and modes by a button on the bottom of the screen which mixes in to the watch however you get utilized to where it is quite rapidly. There are lot more includes if you download the app, however we didn’t due to the fact that we do not like to download 1 star?? apps, and a great deal of individuals appeared disappointed with it. However, we think this is a great fitness watch and for our functions, it is what we were lookingfor If you do not wish to invest a lots of cash on an apple or galaxy watch, this is smooth, enjoyable and easy to use. We offer it a 4?? evaluation.

We desired this to work, however was more aggravation than it deserved. First one would not sync with our phone, so was returned. Second one worked better than the first, however still had problem. Believing it might have been an issue with our specific phone, we attempted 2 others. We attempted uninstalling and re-installing the app on our phone, in some cases it would work well for a while. Our company believe it to be more of an issue with the app than the watch, however that’s just what we think. The watch itself seemed well made, and was an extremely good looking piece. Possibly a various app would make this thing shine.

We have been using this watch for 2 days now and its been amazing. This is the 2rd style we have attempted for fitness trackers and we like it the very best. The quality is excellent. And the heart rate accuracy is ideal on. It has got the stylish appearance and multiple fitness tracker includes + smart functions. It s lightweight, simple and easy to learn, and it has a great battery life. We can now track our steps and it looks smooth and professional.

Actually great watch. When we first charged it, 2-3 days later on still a full battery. Informs your heart bpm. Blood pressure. It is super great, we understand now we have hypertension throughout the day thanks for the watch. It likewise have 4 various display designs. It reveals your text and facebook messenger notifications for you to check out when they come. We think it was a great buy with all the insane quantity of a lot of watches. We are happy we got a sweet offer on this watch. Can be found in an extremely good white box you can reuse as a gift box.

Our yoyo fit smart watch is genuinely amazing. We set it up really quickly through our phone. We are able to track our heart rate, high blood pressure, steps and any activity we pick. We can likewise get our messages and photos on here. We take pleasure in strolling and when we are strolling we do not need to have our phone in our hands whatever is ideal on the smart watch. It’s lightweight and durable. Certainly a great product for those aiming to stay fit or get in shape. We use it as an inspiration.

Have this remote video camera that can be found in helpful when we’re taking a trip. You can check out whatsapp, twitter, facebook and other application messages, see the text on your watch when it came. The watch has the heart monitor, step tracker, exercise tracker even sleep tracker and did we point out the battery life, its last long very long time.

The quarantine time is hard however this small device keeps you encouraged to get in good condition. For an extremely sensible rate, this watch can monitor your heart-rate, your high blood pressure and your steps. We never ever believed that seeing these numbers leaping would make us delighted. The battery life is amazing. We have not charged it for 5 days and it’s still on. This is good if you wish to track your sleep. If you are in the market for a wearable, do yourself a favor and get this watch.

Got this as a little surprise for our child. The watch is easy to establish when linked to bluetooth. We find the charger cool, due to the fact that while some watches or fitness trackers have a little complex battery chargers, this one is magnetic so it easy to link, and straightforward. It has good functions and we are stunned that it even has bp monitor. That’s a great extra function for when we wish to obtain the watch rate is likewise sensible.

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