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YUWELL Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff

YUWELL Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff, Accurate Automatic Bp Machine Meter

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YUWELL Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff, Accurate Automatic Bp Machine Meter.

  • 10Pack BelongingsKit and 30 s Reacting Time ‘1 * Blood pressure monitor, 1 * Large Upper Arm Cuff, 1 * Carrying Case, 1 * Tablet box, 1 * A/C Adapter, 4 * AA Battery, 1 * DirectionManual Yuwell high blood pressure monitor kit comeswith whatever youneed Less than 30 seconds reacting time and easy to check out.
  • More Accurate and Intelligent with Effective unique SOC Chip ‘Precision: Pressure: within 3mmHg( 0.4 kPa), Functions with Effective unique SOC chip and DFFA technology, Intelligent Pressurized, Body Motion Detection,Cuff Wrapping Detection, Irregular Heartbeat Indication, this digital bp monitor supplies you the most accurate high blood pressure information.Plus, If an irregular heartbeat is identified the irregular heartbeat sign will likewise appear, easy to use.
  • Adjustable and Self- checks Positioning Cuff ‘this high blood pressure monitor appropriates for standard and large adult arms from 22 cm (8.7 inches) to 45 cm (177 inches). And it includes Cuff Wrapping and Body Motion Detection, which might make your high blood pressure measuring more accurate.
  • Large- scale LCD, Time and date display ‘One-button operation, you can get your high blood pressure and heartbeat results on large 3.2″ LCD screen. 74 Memory & 1 User Mode, quickly track your health, high blood pressure and heart rate at your time for your personal use. Likewise it come with a portable carrying case and tablet box as a gift, well for home use and taking a trip outdoors.
  • About Yuwell ‘Yuwell is a 21- year professional medical device business with clients in 110 nations.Great gift for mom, daddy, granny, grandpa.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on YUWELL Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff, Accurate Automatic Bp Machine Meter.

Question Question 1

Does Yuwell Blood Pressure Monitor Include A Large Cuff?

Yes, Yuwell high blood pressure monitor comes with a large cuff from 22 cm (8.7 inches) to 45 cm (177 inches)

Question Question 2

Does It Include A Case?

Yes, the monitor comes with a carrying case. It is extremely portable for you to carry.

Question Question 3

Does The Blood Pressure Monitor Have A Warranty?

Yes, we supply a 5 year warranty.

Question Question 4

Claims It Shows Time & Date, We Only See Time In All Pictures. Does It Truly Have The Date? And Does It Put Date/Time Stamp On Each 74 Stored Bp’S?

Does disappoint date on specific readings.In storage of 74 products the time and date is shown for each person item.

Question Question 5

Our Question Was That If There Is Accessibility Of Extra Parts For This Blood Pressure Monitor, Specifically There Is A Direct Sale For Cuff?

we were notified by the business that a bigger cuff was not available to buy individually and they do not come any bigger.

Question Question 6

Has Anybody With A 16.5-17 Inch Around Upper Arm Utilized This Successfully?We Are Worried About About Getting Accurate Readings.?

Appears to work well with our partner with a 17 inch arm. Only one we might find for large 17 inch arms. This compares with medical professionals workplace readings.

Question Question 7

Does This Bp Monitor Has Fda And Ce Certified?

Yes, this bp monitor is FDA approved and CE certified.

Question Question 8

What Is The Power Adapter Voltage?


Question Question 9

What Is 10 Pack Kit And 30 S Responding Times?

From what we can inform the 10 pack kit describes the different pieces you get. 4 batteries, 1 tablet box (we didn’t get among those), 1 monitor, 1 cuff, 1 adapter, 1 case, and 1 user’s manual.30 s most likely describes how quick the machine reads your pressure and provides a readout of the worths.

Question Question 10

How Long Is A/c Adapter Cord?

Cord has to do with 3 feet long

Question Question 11

What Is The Voltage For The Adapter?

Output is DC 6V or 600 mAInput is 100-240 V This info is off the adaptor

Question Question 12

Where Do You Set This To Typical 3 Measurements, It Is Only Taking One Measurement?

we think it does one at a time.Once in a while we do it twice.Check guidebook, however you can just do it 3 times.we purchased it due to the fact that it was simple, without the bells and whistles.

Question Question 13

Is This Design Ye690 A?

No, the design we have is YE670 A. Pleased with this machine.

Question Question 14

Where Can We Get A Smaller Sized Cuff T?


Question Question 15

How Is This Compared To Omiron?

Never ever utilized an Omiron. This one works fine, however it consumes batteries rapidly. Use the plug.

Question Question 16

Exist A Replacement For The Upper Arm Cuff?

Have had no issue with arm cuff

Question Question 17

Is This Bp Monitor Automatic?

Yes, it is automatic.

Question Question 18

Is A 19 Inch Cuff Readily Available For Sale?

we were notified only 9-17 inches readily available.

Question Question 19

Do You Offer A 19 Inch Cuff Size?

we are not the business however we did inquire and was informed no.

Question Question 20

We Have Small Arm (7.0″). Is Smaller Sized Size Available?

The cuff appears to get quite small.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on YUWELL Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff, Accurate Automatic Bp Machine Meter, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is so easy to use. Omg. We can t think how fast it works and measure with accuracy the high blood pressure. Our partner beverages a lot coffee daily that it has actually increased his high blood pressure, however his helps him to recognize if he ought to or shouldn t drink his next cup of coffee.

Our relative could not use our monitor so we bought this one for the bigger cuff. Her arm is 17″ and this fits with space to spare. It likewise fits us quickly. Due to the fact that of the sensible rate our relative idea we were attempting to leave low-cost; having actually seen and utilized this, she no longer has any such issue. (conserving us from the dog house) we removed one star due to the fact that it is “picky”, however not unreliable. We got high readings till we recognized that you must ensure the ok cuff covering detection icon programs. (the cuff covering detection icon appeared without the “ok” when we got the suspicious readings, which had us puzzled till we examined more thoroughly.) covering the cuff properly, to get the ok, needed a little more care than we had actually ended up being familiar with on our own monitor. As soon as we got the “ok”, the reading was within an appropriate 2 mmhg when compared with the monitor our doctor has actually adjusted.

This is a cool little device, it s worked great. It comes with the wall plugin, however it s efficient in battery power also, so it s travel-friendly. We enjoy that it comes with batteries, you don t need to hunt around for some or strike the store prior to using this. We enjoy using the free high blood pressure makers in shops when readily available, so this was an enjoyable purchase for us. We have got quite huge arms, and the sleeve fit us just fine, so for most individuals it s safe to state you won t have any concerns using it.

This works quite well. It has an indication to let you know if the cuff us not positioned properly that will cause a mistake message. This is most likely good for accurate reading however it appears to suggest more frequently than not regardless of our care in positioning the cuff. Our partner does not have the exact same issue with it so we are thinking it needs to do with our arm. It’s discouraging however at the exact same time we would like for the readings to be accurate so unsure it’s a bad thing.

We enjoy this blood pressure monitor. The rate is great and specifically for all the functions that this thing comeswith We enjoy the case & the cuff is big. We can’ t think of that it could not fit any size large arm, even body home builders. We have no problems about the product & it has actually been extremely accurate.

We never ever had a high blood pressure machine and would use cvs, walgreens or walmart to examine it monthly. With covid, that ended up being a difficulty. We purchased yuwell high blood pressure machine mainly due to the fact that it worked with both batteries and had a plug alternative. First time we utilized it it worked great. Have utilized it on our mama and partner and it worked great on them also. We are extremely happy and feel excellent about having the ability to precisely monitor our high blood pressure moving forward.

We purchased this item to changed an old large one which lastly quit working. We were no sure if we would like this more portable high blood pressure monitor and it turned out to be just what weneed The reading off the monitor are large and clear. Our mama utilized it when we got the item and she enjoyed it. No grumbles at all. Great quality and accuracy.

We enjoy whatever about the machine; other than we might use one with a bigger cuff and they do not come bigger. We are scared our readings may be off a little (we compared readings with doctor’s office-off a few pts). The lots of functions make our life a lot much easier. No journaling. Throughout a current doctor’s appt., we just pulled out our mobile phone and walla. All our readings were shown.?? that got us a boost in dosage which otherwise may have been neglected. We can even make notations and the pressures can be balanced and charted for contrast.

It is extremely easy to establish and use. Only packaged in box like on rack. You might absolutely see what it was and no extra packaging. Our kid saw postal messenger just toss it over fence. Dissatisfied about that, however whatever appears fine.

Functions like an appeal. Cuff might be a little more 1-person-user friendly. Checks for irregular heartbeat. Great device, all in one – batteries, source of power and cool carrying case.Accurate Cuff fits bigger arms.

This is easy to use and fits around our large arm. We have purchased others which declared to be large cuffs that didn’t fit however this one truly does fit. Our arm is the most significant size it states it will fit.

We absolutely enjoy the signs that reveal if the cuff is located properly and that you’re sitting properly without motion that would impact the readings. None of our other monitors had those safeguards, and we are so grateful we picked this one. The only thing we most likely do not like is the extra length on the cuff given that we do not truly need that, and it obstructs rather.

Our partner has huge wrists and can’ t use the exact same wrist machine we do. He gets unusual readings. We purchased this so he can do his arm readings. Functions great.

This is a great little bp monitor. Functions great for us. Came with an extra little surprise of a little emergency treatment pouch and a medications dividing container.

Only been using a couple days. This changes a wrist system, was informed the wrist models were not as accurate. Up until now it checks out near wrist system so we will compare to medical professionals system on next go to.

We had high hopes for this monitor. The display was great and easy to establish. Nevertheless, we could not get the cuff tight enough; consistently got err 7 mistake. We live alone so this will not work for us. Disappointed. Can t rate accuracy of reading. Best for multi-person household so 2nd individual might change cuff. Don t advise if you live alone.

We definitely enjoy the simpleness of using this high blood pressure monitor. It s accuracy is great. We have only had it for a number of weeks however we have been using it 3 x s daily & up until now we don t have any problems.

Quick shipment, strong device of great quality totally refer to as it came. Relieve of use follow simple guidelines.??.

The cuff is adjustable for small and large arms. Great accuracy and extremely compact for easy carry.

Really happy up until now with thisproduct Easy to use and great case to keep it in when not in use.

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