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ZURURU Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

ZURURU Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ZURURU Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • [Heart Rate Tracking ] Heart rate monitor embraces the most recent HR sensor to track your heart rate constantly and automatically. HR information will be taped on the app.Track all the time activity consisting of steps, range, calories burned and time. Inspire you to attain health and fitness objective.
  • [Sleep Monitoring] Automatically track your sleep quality, thoroughly examine your sleep quality information on App to help you build healthy routines.
  • [Female Health Tracking] The watch advises you of your essential days like menstrual duration and safe duration so that you can comprehend your body on a much deeper level and better choose what s good for your body throughout those times of the month
  • [Fast & Easy Charging] Built-in USB and long battery life, 1-2 hours full charge provides you as much as 7-day working time. No unpleasant cable televisions required, just take the band off from the tracker host and charge it anywhere there is USB port.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ZURURU Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker.

Question Question 1

Does It Track Steps Well?

we have had our watch for only 2 weeks however appears to track steps precisely.

Question Question 2

Does This Watch Count How Numerous Miles You Have Strolled?


Question Question 3

Will This Deal With Our Samsung J2? A few of These Trackers State They Don T Deal With Samsung J Series.?

Yes you need to download the app

Question Question 4

Will This Link To Our Phone And Compatible Weight Scale?

Metal charging strips at one end of the tracker need to deal with the contact strips inside the USB socket.

Question Question 5

Can A Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Deal With This Device?


Question Question 6

Exists A Calorie Counting App (Like Ourfitnesspal) That Synchronizes With The H Band App?


Question Question 7

How To Set Correct Time?

Date and Time are set automatically when you match your tracker to your mobile phone throughout the established procedure in the app.

Question Question 8

Why Is Our Watch Regularly Releasing A High Pitched Beep? Sort of Quiet However Annoying?

Due to the fact that you have switched on the inactive alert, you can turn it off or set the alert period in App.

Question Question 9

Can You Modification It To An Analogue Watchface?


Question Question 10

We Need A Larger Size, Are They Offered?

Zururu fitness wristbands have one size only which fits wrist: 5.2 inch – 8.1 inch.

Question Question 11

Does The Tracker Have A Find Our Phone Function?

Long pushing the function button of your tracker on the Find Phone page can ring and find your mobile phone.

Question Question 12

What Are The 10 Activities It Tracks?We Got A Comparable Tracker And It Tracks Ineffective Activities Like Ping Pong, Badmitten, Tennis. (Made In China)?

10 activities consist of Outdoor Run, Outdoor Stroll, Indoor Run, Indoor Stroll, Treking, Stair Stepper, Outdoor Cycle, Stationary Bicycle, Elliptical and Rowing Machine.

Question Question 13

Does This Tracker Need To Be Near The Phone In Order For It To Track Activity?

You can get thedata of real-time heart rate, steps, range, speed, exercise period and calories burned on the tracker without linking to a smart device.

Question Question 14

Can You Use Two Watches With One Phone?

One watch can be matched with one mobile phone only.

Question Question 15

We Have A Tracfone Smart Device Without Any Plan, Only Able To Link To Web Via Wifi?

The fitness tracker does not need information or Wifwe to work, you just need to set up the H Band App to your mobile phone and set it with your tracker by means of Bluetooth.

Question Question 16

Can You Track How Much Water You Drink?


Question Question 17

Just Got Our Zururu FitnessTracker It Won T Charge.Tried Charging With Ipad Charger, Phone Charger, And Computer System Port. What Can We Do?

The most typical issues location) the wrong end of the tracker body has been placed into the USB socket andb) the gold coloured charging strips on the tracker are not dealing with the 2 charging contacts inside the USB socket. The most typical issues location) the wrong end of the tracker body has been placed into the USB socket andb) the gold coloured charging strips on the tracker are not dealing with the 2 charging contacts inside the USB socket.help.zururu.com/start

Question Question 18

Will This Deal With A Moto Force 2?


Question Question 19

Information Here States Strap Is 5.5″ -8.3″, However You (Zururu) Have Repliedthat This Fitness Tracker Will Fit A 5.2″Wrist Will It Fit A 5.2″ Wrist?

Yes, it fits.

Question Question 20

Exists A Screen Protector For This?

No screen protector for the trackers.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on ZURURU Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Expense effectivewe think this is a good tracker for a really low expense of entry. Its stylish and uses a great deal of great premium functions. We specifically like the capability to track our sleep. Considering that we have never ever utilized another fitness tracker previously, we can not compare it to other more pricey brand names, nevertheless there are few things on our desire list: 1) capability to track meals in the app 2) the capability to be cross compatible with other apps 3.) somewhat brighter screenoverall, for the cost we think it is a good buy.

In advance, let us state that we purchased this device due to the fact that our doctor recommended we use a fitbit to track our odd heart rate. Plainly, this is not what the device is created for and not what most individuals use itfor Still, we think we can help others figure out whether it is the ideal device for themselves. Set- up: pairing and set-up were fast and easy. The guidelines that come with the device are clear and easy to comprehend. Charging: we enjoy how this device charges. One side of the wrist band comes off, then the charger can be plugged in for charging. This is a lot less troublesome than using a cord. The tracker charges fully in 1 hour. App: the app is obvious, easy to use, and makes it easy to see your statistics at a glimpse. It has one little flaw, which we will go over in a minute, however for most individuals, it most likely would not make a distinction. Through the app, you can take your high blood pressure (which, when compared to our traditional high blood pressure cuff, appears remarkably accurate), see your heart rate throughout the day, see your sleep information (consisting of sleep period, the number of times you woke, when you dropped off to sleep and when you woke, the length of time you remained in deep sleep and the length of time you remained in light sleep), and your “sport” info (which we did not use). There’s likewise a running mode that reveals you, through gps, the number of miles you have run. In addition, you can set the device to alarm (vibrate) when your heart rate goes above a beat per minute that you designate. Convenience: the band on this device appears strong and is soft enough to be comfy. We had no difficulty oversleeping it. It’s a lot more comfy than our fitbit. Cons: the huge con for us was two-fold: first, while the description on states that the device monitors your heart rate constantly, you need to tap the screen a number of times to “scroll” and get to the screen where your heart rate is shown, then it takes a number of seconds for the heart rate to appear. In addition, the app only records and charts your heart rate every half hour. For me, these includes just would not work. We required a tracker that would rapidly and quickly let us see our heart rate and would chart our heart rate constantly throughout the day. Conclusion: if you just want a fitness tracker and are discussing in between this and a fitbit, buy the zururu. The cost might appear to be too good to be true, however truthfully, we far choose this tracker and its app to the fitbit we wound upwith If the makers would just permit us to see our heart rate more quickly, and consist of in the chart all our hearr beat information, we would still be using zururu.

Not wishing to invest $$$ for the trademark name, this one had the very best evaluations. It didn’t dissatisfy. So easy to establish; just scan the sign & download the app. The device collaborates with your phone. Tapping a button on the top of the watch changes the display from time to steps, etc. We are non-techy – and had no issues. Love this. It’s water – resistant.

This is the very best fitness tracker we have had, at a portion of the cost of the others we have utilized. We have been through 3 fitbits and 1 garmin. The fitbits were terrible. Even fresh out of package, we could not them to link to the app. The first one we got would not even charge. The garmin had an awful face and was difficult to check out. We never ever might figure out how to set it. The fitbit took about 3 days to reset itself to a new time zone when we took a trip, and the garmin never ever did. So we purchased this product due to the fact that the evaluations were good and the cost was right. We enjoy it. Easy to set, easy to check out the watch face, really accurate. The app is simple however good. This watch is likewise simple to charge, a lot easier than the other brand names. You just pull one strap off and link it to a usb port. No extra charging cable televisions to track, and great for travel. It holds a charge well– a number of days a minimum of. And it reset itself to a new time zone within minutes of landing. The something that does not appear as accurate is the sleep tracker. However our other ones never ever did, either, and we do not care about that much anyhow. We are really happy with thisproduct It’s certainly worth the cost.

Really easy to set up right out of package. We hesitated to attempt any of the cheaper fitness trackers however the cost and good evaluations encouraged me. The app was really easy to browse too making it general really easy to track whatever. We can’ t grumble. Really happy with our purchase.

We like this fitness tracker due to the fact that it is really effective. It might record your heart rate and blood pressure. The majority of the tracker can’ t monitor high blood pressure, that’s why we purchased this tracker. Another beneficial function is sleeping monitor, it might record and analysis your sleep quality which might help you to improve your health. We like the long lifetime battery, which conserve your difficulty to charge it every day. It might work weeks when charged. And likewise the services are excellent, we have some question when established apps, they help us really quick and friendly.

2yrs earlier, we purchased a fitbit for our relative? then we attempted– that one is not waterproof. We need to take it off when we taking shower or swimming, however this one is ip 68 waterproof score? in 10 days? we were using it for soccer? fishing? shower? no issue ~ ~ now? we could not wait for swimming the app for iphone works good? easy to use. The charging is great design. We do not need carry any cable television for charge, and 2hours charge for 5days use a minimum of. We enjoy it ~.

We have had other gadgets like fitbit and microsoft band, both of them were various at resistance and device design. Think what had occurred to them. Yes they are now harmed. We are not pretending a device to work permanently, off course not, however for the cost we were anticipating they to work properly for much more time. Now we have get this device at a super more affordable cost in contrast and is working ok. Like the other 2, however from the really starting we understand is going to work for ever, undoubtedly, however we are going to have the exact same life time that we have with the other two however investing less than 20% that we did with any of the others.

We like it quite. We are not it individual and not comfy to use really complexproduct However this device is really easy to use, really low-cost cost however those function can complete with other more pricey device. We use it to count steps, calories burned, miles, active time. We bring all of it day and it is for all the time activity tracking. The expensive part is easy charging which comes with a build-in usb plug. That is our preferred part. We plan to buy another one for our mother as birthday gift. Just touch the screen, she can all set clock even if in the night.

We can’ t think we can get such a good item with such low cost. It amazed us that it does it work completely. It’s easy to link with your phone. And it has no various with those huge brand product that expense more than 100+ dollars.

Great fitness tracker. We purchased this for our boy and it was really easy to establish to his phone. It hasn’t needed to be charged yet and it has been on for 5 days now.

We purchased the blue one to change our fitbit. We utilized the various kind fitbits for a number of years. It is our very first time to acquire this more affordable one and exact same functions. We compared it with our partner’s fitbit. They both readings are really close or the exact same. Why we buy the exact same functions and invest much more cash on it? we like it and preparation buy another one for our partner.

We purchased this item for our moms and dads as it has effective functions such as measure high blood pressure & heart and track the sleep quality, which is rather significant for us to know our moms and dads’ health status by means of the records of their daily activities. The bend’s color is great and it matches all the generations. It’s hassle-free to use too: 1-2 hours full charge guarantee the 7-day working time. No unpleasant cable televisions required, just take the band off from the tracker host and charge it anywhere there is usb port. We highly advise this product.

First of all, this style is really trendy, the design of bold technology is really good, second of all, it can likewise measure the quality of sleep during the night, heart rate, steps, etc., the cost is really economical, value for cash, worth purchasing, with this you can always know your physical condition, sports circumstance, hassle-free and practical, good, will advise pals. You purchased it.

So this thing is out of our expectation. We were anticipating something like a normal watch, however this turns out to bemore It has a digital clock on it. It can track your walking, heart beat, calories burning and high blood pressure. All of these above are really accurate. We enjoy it to track the time that we go exercise and just how much calories burned. The cost deserves theproduct Considering purchasing another one for our sweetheart.

Love the color and ease of use. Love that we can swim in it. Desire it counted swimming laps though. Band is a bit uneasy. Hard plastic clasp that holds tail of band is scratchy and takes getting utilized to. Color screen is bright and clear. Time is easy to see and watch lights when you turn wrist to take a look at it. The app works well and is simple to use. There are a number of enjoyable personalized screens. Liking it, up until now. Hopefully will hold up in addition to our old fb.

Got this due to the fact that the fitbit was a little excessive for what we required. We paid about $30 for this and it does whatever weneed It has an app comparable to the fitbit app and it tape-records a great deal of information that we can evaluation. Our preferred function is high blood pressure as it’s something we like to watch on. Type on screen is great and the touch screen works well too. In general we are pleased.

Just got today so we have not evaluated out all the functions however it does come with guidelines and can use any usb charger port from a mobile phone to charge it. We have downloaded the app to test it out likewise. We anticipate using this for our lifestyle changes. Whatever works up until now, we are letting it charge for a minimum of 8 hours prior to we put it to work. We will return to today even more.

We were pleased for the cost. We had a fitbit and was highly dissatisfied( specifically for the cost) this tracker is comfy easy to link to app. Although it is accurate for most functions, we found it was a little off if we utilized the treadmill (perhaps by a 1/4 mile). Battery lasts a very long time on a single charge and we have used it various times in shower and it is great. We advise this tracker for ease of use and accuracy. We likewise purchased one for our partner and he enjoys it likewise.

Thank god yall. We went to the fitbit site and seen that they were dropping a few new watches. We have owned 3 other fitbit watches. We have owned the alta without the hr monitor- which we liked the most due to the fact that of its slim design, however likewise did not like due to the fact that it didn’t have the hr tracker. The heart rate function is great; once again just a guide however when something informs you how good yours is for your age you can’ t help sensation smug. We are likewise completely connected on the sleep guide too.

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